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Why Egyptian Cotton is Best for Bedding

All About Bed Linen from Quality Egyptian Cotton and Why it's the best

Egyptian cotton is world renowned for being the very best material for making luxurious bedding. These days, Egyptian cotton bed linen has become more affordable, and there are some great examples in all styles and colours. See our choice of the best in Egyptian cotton duvet covers here for example.

Years ago, the only way to choose high-quality bed linens was to look at the thread count of the fabric - the higher the number, the better quality the fabric was. But now, we all know that the use of Egyptian cotton in a textile equals a high-quality fabric. It is true that Egyptian cotton has a high thread count, but that's only a side-effect of the intrinsic characteristics of the Egyptian cotton fibre.

Pima cotton plant

Egyptian cotton bed linen is woven from the fibres of the Pima cotton plant, known by the scientific name of Gossypium barbadense. This species of cotton is also known as Sea Island cotton, South American cotton or Creole cotton in addition to being known as Egyptian cotton. Looking at the plant, you would never guess it to be the source of such a luxuriously soft fabric - it's a tropical perennial bush with straggly branches that blooms with small yellow flowers that have deep black seeds. Sensitive to frost, the plant must have both strong sunlight and heavy rain to flourish, along with high humidity. After the flowers bloom, the remnants of the blossoms are harvested, pulled and woven into a thread that is both durable and light-weight.

Egyptian Cotton in Bed Linen

This Egyptian cotton thread is used to weave exquisite bedding: duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases. The long fibre or staple of the Egyptian cotton plant means the production of a more continuous thread, one with fewer ends that need joining. The smaller diameter of the fibre means that the thread can be correspondingly that much smaller in diameter too, making the resulting fabric lightweight. Yet, because more threads can be woven per square inch, the fabric is also much stronger than fabric made from ordinary cotton. Sheets and other bedding products made from Egyptian cotton will last for decades with the proper care.

Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

Thread count then becomes a side-effect of the chief characteristics of Egyptian cotton and not the determining factor in a buying decision by a consumer - the source of the textile, Egyptian cotton, is what the discriminating buyer looks for on the label. A buyer might hesitate upon feeling Egyptian cotton on the shelf - it certainly doesn't feel soft. But, that initial reaction is misleading - after a few launderings, a sheet of Egyptian cotton will feel quite cuddly. As Egyptian cotton ages, the feel of the fabric becomes absolutely luxurious.

The lack of lint is another side-effect of the choice of Egyptian cotton to create bedding. Egyptian cotton bedding will not gather or pill in the way that many textiles do after repeated washings. As mentioned above, repeated washings actually improve Egyptian cotton.

Years ago, the only shops that sold Egyptian cotton were the high-end ones that catered to the wealthy and to the aristocrat. But today, Egyptian cotton bedding can easily be found online and in many department stores, in great variety and style. No seeker of luxury bedding need go away empty-handed when looking for high-quality bedding made from Egyptian cotton.

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