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White Duvet Covers

White is probably the most popular colour for duvet covers. It's bright, versatile and you can still easily add colour with cushions and bed throws. There are so many duvet covers available in all shades of white - not just plain white, but elegant and subtle shades like ivory and cream. Plus there's also a big choice of fabrics, motifs and features to match. We have hand picked the very best white duvet covers for you below, so you don't need to spend hours searching through all the bedding web sites - you can find all the best ones here, at a glance. We take great care in selecting only the best: we don't believe in including every single piece of bed linen - we want to present you with a choice of both quality and value, with something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Our Choice: White Duvet Covers

What could be better than snuggling under a crisp, white duvet cover! White bed linen is so simple, yet so elegant. A white duvet cover can be as minimalist as you choose, perhaps in plain bright white, made from the best Egyptian cotton. A crisp, white duvet cover can bring a clear, fresh and pure touch to your bedroom.

There are also many white duvet covers that set themselves apart with unusual weaves and texture in the materials to great effect, such as pintucks, stripes or pleats, perhaps mixing materials too, such as cotton with thin satin stripes that can really shine and lift the whiteness, without being overpowering or too domineering. Designers also understand that white can be a blank canvas to allow them to add all sorts of splashes of colour, printed patterns or embroidered motifs.

There's such an amazing choice of white duvet covers around these days means that there's surely something for everyone. A white duvet cover will brighten up any bedroom. It can be kept simple and plain, or used as a blank canvas and dressed with bed throws, cushions and blankets.

Quick tip on getting the right White Duvet Cover

OK, we know this sounds obvious, but white and cream etc are very pale. And often, material in very pale colours such as these could well be a little transparent or see through. In other words, if you buy the wrong white duvet cover, you may well be able to see the actual duvet through it. Not always a problem if you have a perfectly clean duvet, but some duvets have a stronger, off-white tone to them, especially as they age, with maybe one or two tea stains along the way! It's not a great look to have this colour showing through your white duvet cover. A good way around this is to buy a duvet cover of thicker, better quality material. So our tip (and we speak from experience) is to avoid the cheaper poly cotton types when it comes to pale colour bedding, and choose something that has a dense, high thread count, preferably made from 100% cotton.

Featured White Duvet Cover - John Lewis 300 Thread Count with Tuck Design

This tuck design duvet cover is perfect for anyone who wants that plain, elegant white look, but with a little extra touch of design. The duvet cover is made from 100% cotton, with a 300 thread count, which makes it extremely soft and silky to touch, and very luxurious indeed, yet durable and easy to care for as it can be machine washed at 40C. The cover has a nice stripe pattern and pin-tuck detail on the borders and hems, which lifts the overall look of the design, drawing the eye and adding texture. This superbly made, classic white duvet cover with tuck design feature is available in all sizes - single, double, king size and super kingsize - and matching pillow cases can be bought separately to give you a wonderful, crisp, white elegance in your bedroom.

White Duvet Cover with Tuck Design

Finding Duvet Covers that Shine

When shopping around for duvet covers, you will soon become aware that there is quite a lot of technical sounding information when it comes to material. You'll see phrases like "thread count" or words like "percale". To find out what is meant by these terms, see our Duvet Cover Materials page.

But for the purpose of this page, we wanted to point out the difference a duvet cover made from quality material can make. For example, you may have seen photos (such as the one below) of white bed linen that really shines. Or perhaps you stayed in a fancy hotel and noticed how the bed linen reflected the light. Well this is all down to the fact this particular bedding is made from 100% cotton, often Egyptian cotton, with a high thread count. Lower quality material will seemingly absorb light rather than reflect it. So if you want your bedroom to really shine, make sure you opt for something in high quality material.

Featured White Duvet Cover - Peter Reed High Quality Cotton

Peter Reed have been making top quality bed linen for over 150 years. You can see more of the Peter Reed bedding here. They specialise in only the very best - both in quality of materials, design, and manufacture. All of their bed linen is made in England. We have picked out their classic white duvet cover here. For quality, elegance and luxury, it really doesn't get any better than this. The cover is made from 100% combed Egyptian cotton - the finest around - with a wonderfully high thread count of 220, giving it such a silky and luxurious feel. It is in the purest white you will see (the photos don't do it justice) the duvet cover almost shimmers, plus as a subtle but elegant design feature, it has a beautiful design of machine stitched scrolls, one of the trademark features of Peter Reed. The quality material makes this bed linen durable and easy to care for and it can be machine washed at 40C, and . is available in all sizes - single, double, king size and super kingsize. Matching pillow cases, bed sheets and fitted sheets can be bought separately so you can surround yourself in absolute luxury.

White Duvet Cover by Peter Reed

About our White Duvet Cover Selection

We have tried to bring you the very best in duvet cover styles and designs, in price ranges to suit all pockets - from affordable poly cotton covers to luxury Egyptian cotton and organic cotton. We have also only chosen to include duvet covers from well known and trustworthy UK retailers, so that we can be sure they can be relied on for good quality and service.

Our white duvet cover selection includes a wide range of shades and tones of white, such as cream and ivory. We have also included a wide selection of patterns and styles, such as striped, floral and from embroidered motifs to printed patterns, from soft percale material to textured damask effect. Some of our selections are also from famous designers, such as Calvin Klein, V&A, Kylie at Home and Jasper Conran, although many of the retailers own brands, especially John Lewis, often offer the best deals.

Many of the duvet covers listed above are for double size duvets, but nearly all are available for larger sizes such as king size, and some are available in single duvet cover sizes.

Some typical questions we are often asked...

Is white the best colour for a duvet cover?

Well, it's certainly the most versatile. You can use it for the minimalist look, or easily add some colour to your bedroom look by adding bed throws or cushions.

What size is a double duvet cover?

Duvet cover sizes do vary a little between retailers and manufacturers, so to be precise, always check on their web sites for specific dimensions. But for an overview of sizes, single duvet cover usually fit a duvet measuring 135cm x 200cm, double duvet covers fit 200cm x 200cm, and king size duvet covers fit 225cm x 220cm.

What is the best duvet cover material?

We feel it's always best to get a duvet cover in a natural fibre, such as 100% cotton. It's generally softer, more absorbent and longer lasting. Try to look for a high thread count and also keep an eye out for any Egyptian cotton bargains - they do come up quite often, and if there are any, you will be sure to find them here.

Where is the best shop to buy a duvet cover?

There are many good bedding stores around. Since we are online, we tend to check the online stores in particular. We try only to include items from reputable and trustworthy retailers, such as John Lewis and Marks and Spencer.

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