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Duvet Covers for Teenage Boys

Our Pick of the best bed linen for teenagers

Lots of our visitors ask us for some advice on what bed linen they can buy for teenagers. So much of the choice in bed linen is aimed either at adults or younger children. Choosing bed linen for teenage boys can be especially tricky once they have moved out of the stage where a duvet cover of a favourite football team is the dream bedroom, or bedding with a favourite TV or film character.

Below we have hand picked some of the very best in bed linen and duvet covers for teenage boys. Our selection comes only from some of the best and most trusted bed linen retailers in UK. We have tried to pick not only the best styles most suitable for a teenage boys bedroom, but also the duvet covers that we feel offer the best value for money - not just the cheapest, but the best quality for the price.

Best deals on Teenage Boys Duvet Covers

Plain Colour Duvet Covers

Sometimes buying a duvet cover for a teenager has to be a case of compromise. Parents may want something that looks nice in the home, teenagers might want something a bit wilder, or more expensive, or simply find it all Soooo Boring!

We think a great compromise is to go for something simple but good quality, such as these plain colour cotton duvet covers from John Lewis. Of course they come in blue, a good choice for many teenage boys, but a range of plenty of other colours too, which we have shown on the right of the image below.

Blue Bedding for Teenage Boys

Blue bedding from John Lewis' own brand, is also available in a range of different colours, including grey, white, black, natural and green - perfect for teenage boys.

See our selection above for some of the best examples of duvet covers and bed linen for teenage boys. But if you are still confused and aren't sure what to buy, read our guide on choosing bed linen for a teenage boy here. We hope it will help you make the right choice!

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