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Choosing Bedding for Teenage Boys

Some tips on finding the best bed linen for teenagers

Teenager's tastes sit in the middle ground, in between kids' and grown-ups' - just like teenagers themselves. They are unlikely to fully appreciate the comforting luxury of Descamps brushed cotton bed linen, nor will a fourteen year old thank you for a Thomas the Tank Engine duvet cover. So, what is the most suitable bed linen for a teenage boy? Well, of course all kids and tastes are different, but below we have included a few examples and tips to help you make the right choice, plus there's our page on all the best deals and choice in duvet covers for teenage boys here.

Bed Linen Designs for Teenage Boys

Patterns and Designs

So, with the idea of a TV character or football bedding long gone, what else is around to choose from? Well, since floral patterns and designs have been all the rage and in all the shops recently, this probably means that the choice for a teenage boy is narrower still. Don't get us wrong, there are some wonderful floral pattern duvet covers - they just aren't aimed at teenage boys. So essentially we are looking at plain, single coloured bedding, striped bedding and bed linen that includes more geometric shapes rather than flowers. For example, the graded stripes in blue and white from Conran at John Lewis.


"Anything, so long as it's blue." Well, at least when it comes to most teenage boys, choosing the right colour is fairly simple. Blue, grey, and green always make a good starting point, with perhaps an adventurous look at dark red or purple. Of course, you might have a colour scheme in mind that suits the room. But never fear - there are plenty of different coloured duvet covers around, and if nothing seems to fit, then you can always consider something a bit more neutral, such as white or what John Lewis describe as "natural" - a sort of pale cream colour. And if it's a plain, single coloured duvet cover or bed linen you are after, then look no further than John Lewis or Marks and Spencer, whose own brands specialise in quality and affordable versions of exactly that. And don't forget, just because the duvet cover is one, single, plain colour, doesn't mean that the whole bed has to be - you can quite happily include a white sheet or pillow cases for a touch of contrast.

Blue Bedding for Teenage Boys

Blue bedding from John Lewis' own brand, is also available in a range of different colours, including grey, white, black, natural and green - perfect for teenage boys.

If you were hoping to bring a bit more colour into the room with the bed linen, then a good option would be to go for something with a pattern, and the obvious one for a teenage boy would be stripes. So for example, with a striped duvet cover, you could get away with a lot more adventurous colour than you would otherwise.

This bed linen is from Conran Bed at Dotmaison, and includes browns, reds, greens and white in the stripes.

Union Jack

A unique approach to choosing bed linen for a teenage boy's room would be to have a Union Jack duvet cover. There are some amazing examples around these days, and in particular some great ones as part of the build up to the London 2012 Olympics, such as these from John Lewis below.

Union Jack duvet covers

Which Bed Linen Brands for a Teenage Boy?

As you can probably guess, there aren't any designer labels or bed linen brands specifically aimed at teenage boys. If only the fashion brands he wears would make bed linen too, then things would be very simple. Well, there is Diesel Bed Linen at Amara. Diesel are quite a big fashion brand, well known for their jeans. Then there is also Jigsaw at John Lewis.

Diesel Bed Linen

Diesel Bed Linen from Amara

Jigsaw bed linen

Jigsaw Bed Linen from John Lewis

Otherwise, as mentioned above, some of the best plain bed linen is available from John Lewis and Marks and Spencer own brands. Other bed linen brands you should check out are Jasper Conran, Calvin Klein, and US Polo.

Bedding Sizes

Don't forget to check the sizes of the bed line before buying. And don't be put off if you see on our web site (or others) that the particular duvet cover you like is listed as, for example, Double. bed linen stores often do this, but it doesn't mean that they don't have more sizes available from their web site - it's always worth checking.  Generally a single duvet cover sizes will a duvet measuring 135cm x 200cm.  Double duvet covers fit 200cm x 200cm, and King size duvet covers fit 225cm x 220cm. Bear in mind that there will always be more choice of bed linen for double and bigger beds, compared to single beds.

Which Bed Linen Material?

For full information of all the different bed linen materials, see our bed linen material page here. generally, pure cotton is best. It's the most natural and therefore the most comfortable, compared to man made fibres. You might see bed linen made from a mix of cotton and polyester, which is sometimes called "Poly Cotton". This can be a nice, affordable option, but try to check the percentage of cotton - the lower the percentage, generally the poorer the quality.

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