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Striped Duvet Covers

Our Choice of the Best in Duvet Covers with Stripes

Stripes can add a clean, contemporary look to your bedroom. There's certainly a lot of wonderful striped designs in bedding these days, and stripes have been used to great effect. So if you're worried stripes might be too masculine, don't fear - there are plenty of colourful striped duvet covers too. We've tried to include a wider range of stripes to suit all tastes, including subtle, narrow stripes, stripe weaves, wide stripes, multi-coloured stripes - you name it. We have also picked out striped bedding in a range of materials, including pure cotton of course, but also some Egyptian cotton (for extra luxury) and duvet covers from satin (for extra shine).

Here at Duvet Covers, we hand pick all our bedding selection, after we constantly search through all the top bedding web sites and stores. Hopefully this means we can bring you examples of only the finest duvet covers in each range, rather than you having to search through thousands of different bedding.  Our choice below includes striped duvet covers to suit all needs and budgets, and comes of course only from reliable retailers in UK. Plus, our Duvet Cover Price Checker is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices.

Our choice: Striped Duvet Covers

Above is a small example of the trends and styles currently available in striped duvet covers. We feel these duet covers typify the best in what's available in duvet covers with stripes. There are some super looking and very trendy striped duvet covers around. But if you are looking for stripes in a particular colour, then you miht also find someting you like in our other sections. See our links on the right for duvet covers in particular colours, including red, green, blue and pink.

Why buy a Striped Duvet Cover?

Why are duvet covers with stipes so popular? Striped bedding is a lot more interesting and versatile in design terms than you might initially think:

Add Space and Flow with Stripes

Stripes can be playful in interior design. They can deceive the eye, seemingly adding space and flow to a room. Stripes can guide the eye to where you want them - be it a bedroom window, or perhaps another feature in the room. Stripes can make a room appear wider or longer, in just the same way clothes designers consider vertical or horizontal stripes.

Stripes for a Smaller Bedroom

Bedding designers know that the stripe is one of the best weapons in their armoury. For example, if you have a smaller bedroom, rather than choose a single colour duvet cover, try something with stripes instead. Single colour bedding, being one solid block of colour, will make a bedroom seem smaller, even claustrophobic, especially if it is a darker colour. So if you have a smaller bedroom, you should seriously consider including some striped bed linen.

Stripes Add More Colour

A striped duvet cover also allows you to have bed linen with a wider variety of colour than if you went solely for a simple pattern or plain cover. So perhaps if you aren't sure which colour bedding to go for, or maybe you simply love a variety, stripes will enable you to include as many colours as you like, without one colour necessarily overpowering the rest.

But aren't Stripes just for Men?

You can be forgiven for thinking that a striped duvet cover is for a single man's room, or maybe a teenage boy's room. But that was then...Sure there are quite a few striped duvet covers with a more bold, masculine feel, clearly aimed at men. But stripes can be for everyone. For example there are some wonderful duvet covers with playful candy stripes, reminiscent of seaside and deckchairs. Or there are duvet covers with a mix of floral and striped patterns, blending geometry to create great design. You just have to see our selection above to see that there's way more to interior design than just heavy, bold, printed stripes, or duvet covers in drab colours that look a bit like a pin striped suit.

Weaves as well as prints

And don't forget, a stripe needn't simply be 2 or more contrasting colours printed parallel to each other. Stripes on duvet covers can also be created with special weaving techniques, often with luxurious satin duvet covers. There's such an amazing choice of striped duvet covers around these days means that there's surely something for everyone.

Featured Striped Duvet Cover - Candy Stripes from Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston, for those of you familiar with her designs, is the Queen of floral prints. So it seems unlikely that this lovely candy striped duvet cover comes from the range of Cath Kidston bedding. But we love it, and feel it's the perfect antidote to those masculine navy blue striped duvet covers. There are just so many colours included in these lovely stripes, but as we mentioned above, not one colour is dominant, so you could never say this duvet cover was, say, pink. And just like many of Cath Kidston's designs, this bedding manages to be contemporary yet homely at the same time. If you take a look at the detail photo, you can also see that the bed is dressed with "mix" rather than "match" cushions, these with the trademark Cath Kidston floral print.

This lovely striped bed linen is available from House of Fraser. It comes in a range of sizes - single, double and kingsize - and includes sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers, all in super soft cotton percale.

Candy Striped Cotton Duvet Cover

Featured Striped Duvet Cover - Blue Barcode Stripes by Conran Heirloom

So, from pink we move to blue. This Barcode Blue Stripe duvet cover comes from the magnificent Conran Heirloom range. When you say Barcode and Blue in the same sentence, you are sure to think this must mean a laddish style duvet cover. But Heirloom bed linen is always far from that, and this striped cover is wonderfully sophisticated, modern and stylish. The barcode design subtly and cleverly uses different shades of blue to create a wonderfully lively design feature that looks as much organic as it does geometric.

This duvet cover is made from 100% cotton and can easily be machine washed at 40C. It is available in all sizes - single, double, king size and super king size with matching pillow cases available to buy separately. This lovely striped bed linen is available from John Lewis.

Blue Barcode Stripe Duvet Cover by Conran Heirloom

About our Striped Duvet Cover Selection

We have tried to bring you the very best in striped duvet cover styles and designs, in price ranges to suit all pockets - from the more affordable materials such as poly cotton (cotton and polyester mixed) to luxury materials such as Egyptian cotton and organic cotton. We have also only chosen to include duvet covers from well known and trustworthy UK retailers, so that we can be sure they can be relied on for good quality and service.

Whenever available, our stripe duvet cover selection includes a wide range of colours, and also not only stripes, but a range of geometric patterns, including check, gingham, and tartan. We have also included a wide selection of styles, from embroidered motifs to printed and woven patterns. Some of our selections are also from famous designers, such as Calvin Klein and Jasper Conran, although many of the retailers own brands also offer some great deals.

Many of the duvet covers listed above are for double size duvets, but nearly all are available for larger sizes such as king size, and some are available in single duvet cover sizes.

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