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Seersucker Bedding

If you want bed linen that will keep you cool this summer, then seersucker might be the perfect solution. Seersucker material is textured, so it allows cool air to circulate, and won't cling to your skin should you get hot. Seersucker bedding has been seen a lot more frequently in bed linen shops and online stores recently. It is a perfect material for summer bed linen - light and very soft. Below we have hand picked the very best seersucker bed linen and duvet covers for you, so there's no need to spend hours searching through all the different bedding shops and web sites. Here at Duvet Covers we pride ourselves on showing you only the best bed linen choice, all of which is hand selected by us. We constantly check all the top bedding and duvet cover retailers to bring you not just the best deals, but the best quality and styles too.

Our choice - The best in seersucker bedding

About Seersucker Bed Linen

What is Seersucker?

Seersucker is a material or fabric made from 100% pure cotton. However, there is a big difference between seersucker bedding, and say, and standard cotton duvet cover. Seersucker material has a texture ingrained into the weave. In short, seersucker is the weave, rather than the material, which is invariably cotton. This special weaving technique means that threads on seersucker bunch together a little. Some say this makes it look and feel "bumpy" or puckered. Others say it looks wrinkled - it is meant to - which is a delight for anyone who hates ironing bed linen; there is no need to iron seersucker at all! But it is this special weaving that means it makes great clothing and bed linen for the hot months. The winkles mean that the material doesn't touch the skin completely, as a flatter fibre might. So should you be hot and sweaty, normal fabric might stick to the skin, since its flat surface means there is nothing to keep it away. But seersucker will simply "float" above the skin, since the bumpy or wrinkly surface won't allow it to sit flatly on the skin at all. These bumps also mean cooler air can circulate. There are various summer clothing items traditionally made from seersucker, but it is equally useful for bed linen. It's easy to understand why, in days gone by, seersucker was popular with the British who were working in the hotter parts of the Empire.


About our Seersucker Bedding Selection

We often get asked: what is the best bed linen for summer? Well, we would certainly suggest something made from 100% natural fibre, especially cotton. Cotton bed linen comes in many forms, but many people feel that cotton seersucker allows them to have a cooler night's sleep. That's why we have included this selection of seersucker bed linen - for anyone who finds summer nights under the duvet too hot. Our seersucker bedding includes products from only the most trusted UK retailers. We have hand picked the best to make your life easy, rather than just throw every single piece of seersucker bedding on the page. What's the point? It would take a long time to search through it all - so we have done that for you.

Marks & Spencer Seersucker Stripe Bed set in Blue or Pink

Even if you have only a small budget, that does not necessarily mean that you have limited possibilities when it comes to bed linen for your child’s room. And we love this perfectly boyish seersucker bed linen in blue and white stripes. It would fit perfectly in a boy's bedroom, and has a touch of the seaside or nautical about it too. And better still, it offers great value for money from M&S kids bedding selection. It comes as part of a set, along with 2 pillow cases! And of course, it's made from 100% cotton seersucker, which makes it the perfect summer duvet cover.

Seersucker bedding

Or what about something for the girls? This Seersucker Pink Bed set from Marks and Spencer has nice pink coloured stripes on the entire set and it truly brightens up the total decor of the room. This bed set comes in three different sizes for example, cot set, single set and double set. Its cot set comprises of one duvet cover of 150cm x 120cm size and one pillow case of 60cm x 40cm. Its single set comprises of one duvet cover of 198cm x 137cm size and one pillow case of 76cm x 48cm. Lastly, its double set has one duvet cover of 198cm x 198cm size and two pillow cases of 76cm x 48cm. All sets come with one fabric bag too. It's made up of 100% cotton seersucker material. It can be easily washable in washing machine and ironed if needed, although seersucker often is best left for a natural look.

Pink Seersucker duvet covers

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