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Retro Style Bed Linen

From the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s - Find the best in Retro Style Bedding

There are so many different styles of bed linen that are popular these days. We're almost at a point where everything goes, where there's something to suit everyone's tastes, from traditional to contemporary, and plenty in between. That's where the idea of Retro style bed linen comes in. It offers a certain cutting edge appeal - modern and contemporary - mixed with a touch of nostalgia, a throw back to other times and past styles, from the 1950s and beyond.

What is Retro Style?

Well, Retro style generally is something that was once fashionable some time in the recent past - say from the 1950s onwards - has since gone out of style, but crept back into style in the modern age once again. This happens with bedding and interiors as much as it does with clothes and fashion generally. But Retro style is not something that could be called "traditional". That's too far back. Retro things are a throw back to the fifties, sixties or seventies, and these days, perhaps the eighties too, since it's probably the norm that for something to be retro, it has to be around 20 years since it was originally fashionable.

Retro Bed Linen

When it comes to retro bed linen, there is one main brand or designer that can be held up as the main exponent of this style: Orla Kiely. The Orla Kiely designer label offer a huge choice of products - from the famous handbags to wallpaper, from clothing to stationery. You might not describe everything from Orla Kiely as retro, but certainly many of their bed linen designs has been inspired from the looks, styles, colours and designs of the 50s, 60s and 70s. See the geometric shapes of the 1950s in the duvet covers below, or the browns and olive green colours of the 1970s.

Retro Style Bedding from Orla Kiely

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