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Red Duvet Covers

Red is such a rich colour and red bed linen can liven up a room with extra warmth and energy. Although red is typically the colour of warmth, and therefore comfort, red has a darker side too - it can also add a certain spice to a room, since it's the colour we most associate with decadence, after all! There are 100s of duvet covers in various shades of red - not just basic red, but all shades and tones, such as deep burgundy, cherry or scarlet. There are also plenty of different styles, motifs and features, especially floral patterns and stripes. So rather than you spending endless hours searching through dozens of web sites, we have hand picked the very best for you below, to suit all needs and budgets, and of course only from reliable retailers in UK.

Our choice: Red Duvet Covers

About Red Bed Linen

Red represents joy, passion and love. It is an emotional colour, and can add warmth and boldness to any room, plus bring with it extra confidence and energy. Red suits some floral patterns, with a touch of French design and feel, or perhaps a country style. But red is very versatile, and there are plenty of red duvet covers in contemporary styles and even oriental style patterns. Above is our selection of the top styles and designs of red bed linen and duvet covers. But if none of the above red duvet covers suit your needs, or these have simply given you a taste to see more duvet cover styles, then be sure to check out our other sections, including Egyptian cotton duvet covers, or duvet covers with floral or striped patterns - we're sure you will find something that will appeal to you.

Featured Duvet Cover - Red Striped Duvet Cover with Grey, Pink and Mocha

Who could resist this beautifully striped duvet cover from John Lewis. Stripes in bed linen work really well in that they can introduce a range of different colours - some you might never have thought of including in your bedroom decor - but without any one colour becoming too overpowering and taking over. So this lovely bed linen range includes colours such as pink, coffee / mocha and grey, as well as red. The overall appearance is something beautifully contemporary, with a touch of India or Morocco about it. This duvet cover is made from 100% cotton percale, with a 200 thread count, for a luxurious finish. It comes in all sizes - single, double, kingsize and super kingsize, plus there are matching pillow cases that are available to buy separately.

Red Striped Duvet Cover

Featured Duvet Cover - Red Egyptian Cotton

We love this plain red duvet cover from John Lewis for several reasons. Firstly, for true lovers of red, then what could be better than bed linen in nothing but red! And what a beautiful shade it is too - like a rich, scarlet. But we also love it because of the high quality material it is made from. Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best of all materials for bedding, and with a thread count of 200, this duvet cover offers a slice of luxury that will be hard to beat. Because of the long fibres, Egyptian cotton means it is softer, yet more durable, than standard cotton. These long fibres also give the bed linen a subtle "sheen" which adds richness to the overall appearance. As you can see from the photo, there are matching pillow cases and sheets (flat or fitted) available to buy separately.

Red Duvet Cover in Egyptian Cotton

About our Red Duvet Cover Selection

We aim to bring you only the very best in duvet covers and bed linen. There are of course, 1000s of different duvet covers out there, which makes it very time consuming and confusing to find exactly what you want. So here at Duvet Covers, we aim to keep things simple: if it isn't good quality and isn't stylish, then we won't include it. That way, we hope that by keeping our selection limited to the best, we can help you find the right duvet covers more easily. But while selecting what we think are the best, we have also tried to make sure we have a good variety of designs and style, plus duvet covers at prices to suit all pockets, such as the more affordable poly-cotton covers, or at the other end of the scale, Egyptian cotton duvet covers, which often comes in a high thread count, for that extra touch of luxury.

Shades of Red and Designer Brands

Our red duvet cover selection includes a wide range of shades and tones of red, such as plum, raspberry, burgundy, crimson, scarlet, cherry red and maroon. We have also included a wide selection of patterns and styles, such as striped, floral and Jacquard designs, from embroidered motifs to printed patterns, to textured weaves such as herringbone. Some of our selection is from top designer names in bedding, such as Clarissa Hulse, Kirstie Allsopp and Cath Kidston, but very often then retailers' own brands offer some of the best deals, such as John Lewis.

Duvet Cover Sizes

Many of the red duvet covers listed above are for double size duvets, but nearly all are available for larger sizes such as kingsize and super kingsize, and some are available in single duvet cover sizes. There are also matching pillow cases available for many of the duvet covers, making them into nice red duvet cover sets.

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