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Purple Duvet Covers

Purple is a wonderful colour for the bedroom - warm, yet calming, rich and bold, but always comforting. There are many duvet covers in various shades of purple - not just a plain purple, but deeper tones of red, plum, maroon, burgundy. There are also various styles, patterns, materials, motifs and features. Rather than you spending endless hours searching through dozens of web sites, we have hand picked the very best for you below, to suit all needs and budgets, and of course only from reliable retailers in UK. We constantly check duvet cover prices to keep them up to date, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices here.

Our choice: Purple Duvet Covers

Purple is a deep, bold colour with a rich texture of possibilities in interiors. The lighter shades can represent joy, passion and love, with a touch of spring time flowers about it, yet the darker purple shades can often be more autumnal and are more connected with the earthy colours of nature. Purple is an emotional colour, just like red, and can add boldness and energy to a room, but with a more gentle, calming feel than say some fiery reds for example. Purple is a good colour for textures and variety in bedding materials - perhaps different weaves or embroidery.

Featured Purple Duvet Cover - Deep Mulberry in Egyptian Cotton

If you're going to have a purple duvet cover in your bedroom, you may as well have something truly deep and rich. That's why we've picked out this simply gorgeous Egyptian cotton duvet cover in mulberry. What a colour, and what beautiful material! The colour is a very deep, bold purple. We wouldn't suggest this for a small room - it may be a bit overpowering - but if you have a big or medium size bedroom and want to have an eye catching looking bed, then this is the right colour and cover for you.

This duvet cover is made from 100% Egyptian cotton, superbly woven with a dense 200 thread count. This means the fibre has a higher density of thread, making it the height of luxury in bed linen and super smooth to touch, as well as very durable. The cover is very easy to care for and is machine washable at at 40C. The Mulberry Egyptian cotton duvet cover is available in all sizes - single, double, king size and super king size - and matching pillow cases can be bought separately to get the complete look. This lovely bed linen is available from John Lewis. Also see their lovely burgundy and lilac colour bed linen.

Purple Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Sateen Purple Duvet Cover from Yves Delorme

If you are looking for a beautifully elegant purple duvet set, which a touch of sheer luxury, then this stunning light purple duvet cover from Yves Delorme should be just what you are looking for. It comes as part of the Exquise range, available at Dotmaison, and all designed by the amazing Yves Delorme. As mentioned above, purple lends itself to subtle patterns in bed linen design, and this is a good example, with the intricate medallion motif setting off the plain mauve background perfectly. And should you tire of this design, there's a similar but busier pattern on the reverse. Just as important as the looks and style, this duvet cover is made from some of the finest quality material around - a 300 thread count Jacquard cotton sateen. Pure luxury! To make up the duvet set, there are matching pillow cases, flat sheets or fitted sheets available to buy separately. The duvet cover and sheets are available in all sizes - single, double, king and superking.

Yves Delorme Purple Duvet Cover

Featured Purple Duvet Cover - Blueberry Flowers

In contrast to the boldness of the Mulberry bed linen, this duvet cover has a fresher look to it, and is a bit more playful and softer. The design includes blurry flowers in a delicious blueberry colour, on a white background. This is a great little duvet cover for any room, including smaller rooms, especially for younger tastes. But this doesn't mean it isn't made from quality materials. In fact this range of bed linen is made from 100% cotton with 180 thread count, so it's very soft to touch and very comfortable to sleep under and snuggle up in. The cover is machine washable at at 40C and is available in all sizes - single, double, king size and super king size - with matching pillow cases also available.

Blueberry Flowers Duvet Cover

About our Purple Duvet Cover Selection

We have tried to bring you the very best in duvet cover styles and designs, in price ranges to suit all pockets - from affordable polycotton (cotton and polyester mix), Percale (densely woven material) to luxury Egyptian cotton. We have also only chosen to include duvet covers from well known and trustworthy UK retailers, so that we can be sure they can be relied on for good quality and service. Many of the purple duvet covers listed above are for double size duvets, but nearly all are available for larger sizes such as king size, and some are available in single duvet cover sizes.

Our purple duvet cover selection includes a wide range of shades and tones of purple, such as plum, violet, indigo, maroon, and some lighter purple tones, such as lilac and pink. We have also included a selection of various patterns and styles, including contemporary designs, but also more traditional duvet cover style, such as striped, floral and Jacquard designs, from embroidered motifs to printed patterns, from soft percale material to textured weaves.

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