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Poly Cotton Duvet Covers

Poly cotton is a very popular material for bed linen and duvet covers. It is a material that is a blend or mix of cotton and a man made fibre, usually polyester. There are a couple of advantages to using polycotton for bed linen. Firstly it is a cheaper material than for example 100% cotton. And secondly it is very easy to care for, and can usually be washed at higher temperatures than bed linen made from all natural material, and is easy to iron.

We have hand picked the very best poly cotton duvet covers for you below, so there's no need to spend hours looking through all the various bedding web sites - you can find all the best selection here. And our Duvet Cover Price Checker is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the bargains and best deals available, from all the top bedding retailers in UK.

Our Choice: Poly Cotton Duvet Covers

If none of the above poly cotton duvet covers suit your needs, then see some of our other duvet cover selections, including duvets in specific colour schemes such as green, blue, red and pink. Also, there are some affordable duvet covers made from 100% cotton, and even Egyptian cotton. Thanks to trusted bedding retailers such as John Lewis and Wallace Sacks, Egyptian cotton duvet covers are no longer just for fancy hotels. These retailers offers a wide choice of luxury duvet covers at very attractive prices.

Poly cotton is a blended material made from cotton and polyester. This makes poly cotton bedding cheaper than most bedding from natural fibres, and you may well find some of the best bargains in bed linen made from polycotton.  Mny people consider poly cotton bed  linen as a kind of "bedding basic" - something that's easy to wash and inexpensive. Perhaps this makes it perfect for a teenagers room! There's a variety of colours available, including all the popular tones such as white, blue, green and red.  Because poly cotton is cheaper, it allows the manufacturers of bedding material to use it in various weaving techniques, such as weaving material with a high thread count.  This is a more expensive way or weaving, and produces a denser, more luxurious thread, but since poly cotton is cheaper, the finished product is still inexpensive.

On the downside, many polycotton duvet covers won't be as soft as something made from 100% natural fibre. It's similar to a shirt or other item of clothing - a cotton shirt is always more comfortable than a polyester shirt. Natural material, such as 100% cotton, will mean your bedding is more comfortable, softer and less scratchy on the skin. Natural material is more absorbent too. Don't be put off by reputation. Luxury bedding isn't as exclusively expensive as it once was. These days there are plenty of bargains to be had in Egyptian cotton duvet covers.

About our Poly Cotton Cover Selection

We have tried to bring you the very best in poly cotton duvet covers, including a wide range of different colours and a variety of styles, all at the very best prices. We have also chosen only to include duvet covers from well known and trustworthy UK retailers, so that we can be sure they can be relied on for good quality and service. Many of the duvet covers listed above are for double size duvets, but nearly all are available for larger sizes such as king size and super king size, and of course some are available in single duvet cover sizes.

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