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Pip Studio Bedding

PiP Studio - One of the Hottest Bed Linen Collections around

For anyone looking for something a little bit different for the bedroom decor, PiP Studio is definitely worth considering. PiP Studio offer some of the coolest duvet covers and bed linen around. There's something a little magical about the bright colours, old fashioned floral or patchwork prints, with lots of exotic bird prints - this lovely range of bedding somehow blends an eclectic mix of Scandinavian design with English and French Country styles, all combined with a touch of the Orient and even some Indian colours. Phew! But somehow it all works, and works wonderfully. If you're looking for a fresh and modern style, but don't like the minimalist look (this bedding is far from minimalist), then PiP Studio is for you. Below we've picked out the best Pip Studio duvet covers and bed linen available from the most trusted UK bedding retailers, and our Price Checker is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices.

Our Choice: Pip Studio Duvet Covers

Pip Studio duvet covers and bed linen is perfect for that mixed up, eclectic, vintage yet contemporary style for a bedroom. There's plenty of strong colour, so be careful if you already have bold coloured bedroom walls, or plenty of wallpaper already. These duvet covers want the centre of attention and aren't designed to fade into the background (read this as: it could clash!). You can tell from most of the promotional photos that these duvet covers work well against plain coloured walls and wooden floorboards. If you like the Pip Studio bedding, but would like to see what else is available in a similar style, then also see other cool duvet covers from Cath Kidston, who also use lots of floral designs and string colours in their bedding collection.

PiP Studio is a complete design house, offering all sorts of wonderfully colourful and exotic looking items from plates to bedding. It was originally started in Amsterdam, by PiP herself. PiP apparently was her first word, which then became her nickname. PiP Studio range is fun yet beautiful, and mixes vintage style with a host of other influences, from Scandinavia to China. You won't be surprised to read that the designer's motto is: "Happy products for Happy people".

PiP Studio Birds in Paradise Duvet Cover Set

Bring bags of colour into your bedroom with this Birds in Paradise Duvet Cover Set from Pip Studio. If you're finding your bedroom is looking a little dull and tired, then this bed linen will definitely brighten the place up. But with the khaki background means the overall look isn't quite so in your face. Not that we don't love the bright blues and reds of the other PiP Studio bedding. But this more subdued background really sets of the bright red flower pattern, which makes this bedding set so beautiful.

Pip Studio Bedding

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