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Marks and Spencer Bedding

Our Pick of the best bed linen from Marks and Spencer

Everyone knows Marks and Spencer. It's a British institution, and famous for clothing, food and home wares, including bedding. M&S stock a wide choice of duvet covers, in all the sizes from single to double, king and super king. They also have a wide choice of Marks and Spencer are well known for affordable quality, and the same goes for their bedding range, which on their web site is split into two sections: design bed sets and plain bed sets. The plain sets are single colour duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases and more, all made from quality cotton. Just elegant and simple, as you would expect from M&S. The design bed sets have a bit more style and pattern to them, and offer interesting colours and looks for a bedroom. Marks and Spencer offer their own brand of bed linen, and also offer the Autograph collection, as part of their luxury bed linen choice. There's also plenty of choice for children's bedding too. Below we have picked out just a small selection of the best on offer from the M&S online store. Further down the page we have included any special offers and, where available, voucher codes and special discount codes.

Bed linen from Marks and Spencer

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Marks and Spencer Autograph Animal Border Duvet Covers

Make your bedroom sumptuous and luxurious with this M&S Autograph Animal Border bed linen, in Mink design. Considering the stressful lives people have nowadays, for most the bedroom is the only place where they can truly relax and recharge for the next day. Since you may not have the time and money to visit a spa and get some rest, one solution to this problem is to turn your bedroom into your own luxury retreat. Therefore, start by making sure that you have multiple sources of natural and artificial lights as to give a sense of glow to the room. By having multiple lights you can easily switch from an energetic and refreshing state to a romantic and soothing location. It is important that you make the bed the central piece of your bedroom. If you are a night person, then you should consider placing your bed against an accent wall. However, if you enjoy mornings then make sure to place the bed facing the window, so the sunlight is the first thing you will see in the morning. Since comfort is essential to a luxury retreat, make sure that you get the best bedding sets that can induce a sense of luxury and comfort. The stylish details, elegance and the feeling you get from the Marks and Spencer Autograph Animal Border Mink will ensure your bedroom is the retreat you are looking for.

M&S Duvet Covers

Marks and Spencer Autograph Regency Stripe Duvet Covers

It has never been easier to ascend to the realm of dreams in a peaceful and pure setting than with the Marks and Spencer Autograph Regency Stripe Duvet Cover. This purple-coloured duvet cover is one of the best choices of bed accessories, as the matching striped colours give an impression of elegance and sophistication, along with calm and serenity. Regardless whether you intend to purchase them for a single bed, a king sized bed or a super king sized, you can find these pure cotton striped covers in any shape and size. The Autograph Regency covers will give you a sleeping experience similar to the one you would get in a hotel bed and your bedroom will feel like a 5 star room. At the same time, you will have no issue washing or tumble drying your sheets, as they can withstand temperature up to forty degrees Celsius.

Autograph Bed Linen from Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer Organic Seersucker Bed Linen

The Mark & Spencer's seersucker duvet set will turn your bedroom into something extraordinary. Do you want your bedroom to inspire optimism and energy? Do you love flowers and sunshine? Then you should consider adding a yellow theme to your bedroom. Your bedroom is your sanctuary where you come to get relief from all the noise of the world. Therefore, you should consider adding a bit of your personality in that room. If you have decided to decorate your bedroom in yellow, then it is important that you place the bed in a commanding position from where you enter the room. Make sure that you only introduce summer vibe or fresh spring look furniture at the same time. The walls and floor should have a pale yellow, as strong yellow can create irritation. For the bedding, you should consider the Mark & Spencer Organic Seersucker bed set - it's exquisite with crisp cotton and a subtle rainbow of colours. Add a strong yellow blanket on the bed in order to create a strong impression and define the white and yellow you used for the walls, ceiling, furniture and floors.

Marks and Spencer bedding

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