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Our Pick of the best bed linen from John Lewis

John Lewis are probably the best known and respected department stores in UK. And when it comes to bedding and bed linen, John Lewis really do excel. When buying bed linen at John Lewis, not only can you be guaranteed of their excellent customer service and value for money prices, but you can also feel comfortabel that you are buying quality goods. So much of the John Lewis bed linen range is made from best quality material, such as Egyptian cotton. They offer a huge choice in colours and styles, and have something to suit all tastes. Much of the bedding range is available with matching duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases to buy as part of a set or separately. Below we have picked out a few of the best on offer from the John Lewis web site.

Bed linen from John Lewis

Look beyond the designer labels...

Like many department stores and big retail names, you will find lots of designer bedding and designer brand names at John Lewis. For example, currently John Lewis stock bedding from fashion designers such as Orla Kiely, Calvin Klein and Jigsaw. They also stock well known quality names in the bed linen world, such as Peter Reed, Conran Fine Bedlinen, Descamps, Designers Guild, Sanderson and Harlequin.

These brands offer some fine bed linen, in wonderful colours and styles. But don't be blinded by names. Also remember to check out John Lewis own name bed linen, and their Little Home range for kids' bedrooms. Duvet covers in these ranges are every bit as good as some of the big names above, but often offer better value for money. After all, you will be paying solely for the quality, not the designer name.

More Special Offers from John Lewis

Please note that John Lewis never issue voucher codes or discount codes of any kind. We always look for the best deals and offers for our visitors, to make sure you can get the best bedding at the best price. So normally we would try to list any voucher codes for a particular shop here. But we do check constantly with the marketing department at John Lewis, and have included any special offers and sales items they have at this particular time. Not all of them come from the bed linen department, but it's never a bad thing to know about special offers of any kind!

Surf Flowers Duvet Cover Sets from John Lewis

This duvet set is perfect for decorating a bedroom in a refreshing theme with a touch of Spring about it. Therefore, you can use different shades of green to paint the walls and add some soft green curtains. At the same time, you should use light coloured wood for all the furniture in the room. When it comes to adding the perfect bedding set, then you should consider the John Lewis Surf Flowers Duvet Cover Sets. This beautiful duvet cover includes three shades of green and two shades of red on the floral pattern, printed on a on a white background. Moreover, it is 100 % cotton and it will keep you cool during those hot summer nights. Since a spring décor is not complete until you add some plants in the room, you should start looking for light green and shady potted plants that you can place in the corners and near the windows. Light brown and green furniture is ideal for a creating a refreshing ambience evoking spring.

John Lewis Bed Linen

Jigsaw Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover in Blue, from John Lewis

Do you like to feel that you have absolute control in your life? Do you enjoy having a clean and ordered home? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you will simply adore the John Lewis Jigsaw Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover, Blue. This 100 % cotton duvet is exactly what you need in order to give your bedroom that image of tidiness and order. This duvet can easily complete the ambiance in a straight line decorated bedroom. In addition, it works very well in small bedrooms and attic or basement bedrooms. Due to the white lines, you can be sure that it will give you some sense of space, as white usually attracts light. At the same time, the blue lines will evoke relaxation, peacefulness and the lines of the sea waves. Although you will not receive matching pillow cases when you are ordering the duvet, you should order them separately. In case you have a modern bedroom, you will simply fall in love with the buttons on these cases. However, you should know that you can also combine this duvet with pure white or pure blue pillow cases.

John Lewis Duvet Cover

John Lewis Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers in Chocolate Brown

Brown is a colour that can blend very well in many surroundings, as it is an interesting mixture of yellow, red and blue. Overall, adding the John Lewis Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers in Chocolate brown, will have a stabilizing effect on your bedroom’s style and design. This gorgeous chocolate brown duvet is made entirely of Egyptian cotton of the highest quality, so you will feel temperature comfort, regardless of the weather outside. The red in this colour will induce the sensation of dynamism and energy. However, the yellow and blue is relaxing and stimulates the mental focus energies. Therefore, these bed sets will give you a sense of orderliness and a feeling of wholesomeness. Its simple presence in the bedroom will highlight other colours and tone in the room. In many cultures, the colour brown is associated with the communion with nature. At the same time, corporations and organizations use brown paper in order to point out that they are offering a natural product. Therefore, if you are looking for something that can help you recharge your batteries and actually get some rest during the night, you should consider this beautiful bed set.

John Lewis own brand duvet covers

John Lewis Oriental Flower Duvet Covers in Duck Egg Blue

If you are looking for the perfect covers that can ensure you the best sleep you had in ages, than you should definitely consider the John Lewis Oriental Flower Duvet Covers, all complete in the wonderfully popular Duck Egg colour. The material for this range of bedding is light and breathable, and the duck egg blue will give you a sensation of peace and serenity. These make the perfect duvet cover - well made, soft and beautiful to look at, regardless of whether you have a king size or single size bed since you can choose between single and super king sized duvets. The covers are imprinted with a lovely golden floral design, giving you a taste of the old oriental world. The thread count of 200 fibres and the ability to easily clean these duvets in your washing machine make this one of the best choices of bedding. In addition, since the duvet is made of cotton, your skin will be able to breathe easily, even during those hot summer nights.

Bedding by John Lewis

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