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Our Pick of the best bed linen from House of Fraser

House of Fraser are stockists for a huge range of famous names in bedding - at the last count they had around 25 different designer brands! Some of the brands are quite rare and hard to find elsewhere, such as Bedeck, Casa Couture, Clarrisa Hulse, and of course House of Fraser's own Linea brand. So if you are looking for something a bit different that you won't often find in other people's bedrooms, be sure to check out these brands. Alternatively, House of Fraser also stock some well known bedding brands, such as Kylie, Kirstie Allsopp, Cath Kidston, Designer's Guild, Jigsaw and Conran bedding. So if you are thinking of buying bed linen from these ranges, also be sure to check out House of Fraser's prices - might be surprised to find some competitive prices. Below we have picked out a few of the best styles of bedding on offer from the House of Fraser web site. Plus further down the page we have included any special offers and, where available, voucher codes and special discount codes.

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Hot Designer Names from House of Fraser Bedding

House of Fraser are famous for offering quality brands and designer names, all under one roof. These brands are the type of labels you know you can rely on - they offer quality at prices that aren't cheap, but aren't astronomical either, like some designer brands. At the time of writing, House of Fraser offer around 25 different bed linen ranges, including Aura, Biba, Boutique, Dorma, Monsoon, Pied a Terre, Sanderson, Timney and Zandra Rhodes. The House of Fraser web site makes it very easy to find all the different bedding ranges, plus you can search by colour, price and importantly, by customer reviews and feedback.

Linea Mimosa Spice Bed Linen by House of Fraser

Add a touch of the exotic to your bedroom with the Linea Mimosa Spice Bed Linen by House of Fraser. This bedding range manages to combine an ethnic style, perhaps with a touch of Indian or Caribbean influence, with a beautifully sleek, contemporary look.  The colours of this beautiful bed linen are ingeniously displayed from soft purple to the bright red. It has quite a romantic, dare we say even sexy feel to it. The rich and beautiful colours used in this bedding do lend themselves to a variety of bedroom styles, and we feel it would be quite easy to find matching and contrasting cushions and throws to dress the bed with, although the striped cushion used in the photo, pretty as it is, somehow doesn't quite work so well.

House of Fraser bedding

Kylie Minogue Brave Oyster Bed Linen at House of Fraser

Wow - check out the sophistication and glamour brought to you by the Kylie Minogue Brave Oyster Bed Linen. It's been a few years now since Kylie turned her talents into interior designs and managed to come up with a very stylish bed linen collection, and we especially like the  Oyster bed linen. It combines the elegance of the creamy white linen beds with silver embroidery and crystals, this set is an exquisite piece that will give your bedroom a touch of glamour, and dare we say luxury. Kylie got the idea of the design by combining the things that she enjoys in interior design: hand painted Japanese designs, vintage fabrics and crystal-studded panelled walls. The Kylie range of bed linen is available from a variety of online stores (for a complete list, see our choice of Kylie bedding here) and in shops everywhere.

House of Fraser Duvet Covers

Zandra Rhodes Cretian Lily Bedding at House of Fraser

This bedding has a historic or classical feel to it. We think it's perfect for a smaller room, so if you are looking for decoration ideas for a small bedroom, then you should consider this Ancient Greece style theme, especially as it includes a lot of paler shades. The white colour will reflect the light in a small room and therefore it will certainly make the space seem a lot larger. If you have ever been to Greece, then you probably noticed that most of the houses are painted in white. The reason the Greeks do that is that white is a base colour that reflects the light, especially at the coast. The white background has an added, decorative Grecian lily motif, this makes for a lovely and interesting range of bedding.

House of Fraser bed linen

Harlequin Venezia Bed Linen at House of Fraser

Just beautiful. We love the colours of this Harlequin Venezia Bed Linen Range.  We're glad we can include photos, since we would be hard pushed to describe the colour - sea green? teal? pale blue? pale green. Either way, the colour has real depth and charm, and the duvet covers and pillow cases include an intricate floral, almost paisley style pattern, which in turn seems to give the material texture and light. And as you can see from the photo, there are many matching bed accessories to go with it, in beautiful contrasting light browns. The overall look is one of style, calm and tranquillity. See our complete choice of Harlequin bedding here.

Harlequin at House of Fraser

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