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Hotel Bedding

How to get hotel style bed linen for your own bedroom

If you have ever had the chance to stay in a top hotel, a four or five star place, then chances are you experienced first hand luxury bed linen of the highest quality. because, of course, when it comes to bed linen, luxury hotels cannot get it wrong. We might enjoy the hotel restaurant, or room service, but if a hotel bed is uncomfortable, and the bed linen poor, then what use is the hotel? Making sure their guests get a good night's sleep is hugely important, and it makes absolute sense for them to make sure they have only the very best bed linen.

Durable Bed Linen

As mentioned above, comfort is key to a hotel's choice of bed linen. But so is durability. Bedding that will fall apart, gather or "bobble" (sometimes called pilling) is of no use at all to the luxury hotels. They need something that will last, and be able to endure lots of washing.

Egyptian Cotton - The bed linen of choice for hotels

That's why nearly all the top hotels choose bed linen made from 100% quality Egyptian cotton. As mentioned on our Why Egyptian Cotton page, the long fibres of this material mean that it is both soft yet durable. {Perfect for any quality hotel wanting to look after its paying guests. In fact, as Egyptian cotton bedding ages, it actually improves - it gets softer and more silky after washing several times. And will last a good long time, which in turn makes it a more economical choice in the long run. Also, try to look out for something that has a high thread count - say 200 plus. Click here to find out more about thread count in bedding. But to keep it short, thread count is the number of threads per square inch, and a higher count will give you a denser yet softer material, with more shine and durability.

Egyptian Cotton for Hotel Style Bed Linen

Below are a few examples of Egyptian cotton bed linen. These days Egyptian cotton bedding is a lot more affordable, and no longer the out of reach luxury it once was. Plus, given that bedding made from this wonderful fibre is likely to last longer and actually improve with washing, then it makes economic sense too.

Hotel Bedroom Style

But as well as the bed linen lasting well and being comfortable, it also has to look good. Luckily, Egyptian cotton bedding always looks as good as it feels - it has a shine or glimmer to it you simply cannot find in other bed linen materials. But what about colour? Well, for most quality hotels, there can only be one colour for bed linen: white. Occasionally some hotels might add a bit of colour, maybe a stripe, or perhaps even a monogram. But the first choice for the main or dominant colour will be white. This is for two reasons: white is synonymous with clean. Nobody wants to walk into a hotel room and sense that it isn't clean and fresh and ready for their stay. Secondly, white bed linen will always make the room seem bigger and brighter, by reflecting light. This is particularly important if you have a smaller or darker room; always avoid darker colours in this situation.

Hotel bed linen is usually quite plain in design too. Not only is it predominantly white, but is usually without any fancy embroidery pattern, and certainly without extra design elements such as sequins.

White Hotel Style Bed Linen

Below is our pick of the best white duvet covers and bed linen. Hotels are more likely to select plain designs and styles, but nearly always in white.

Get the Hotel Bed Linen Look with Our Bedding Choice

We've picked out a few examples of duvet covers and bed linen sets that are of the top most quality, and think will give you that special 5 star hotel style of understated elegance, luxury and finest quality available.

This Descamps Sixtine white bed linen from Dotmaison perfectly sums up what hotel style bedding should be all about: beautifully made, perfect white, from top quality material, in this case 100% Percale cotton. This bed linen is perfect for a fresh, contemporary look.

Hotel Style Bed Linen

For something a little more traditional, yet still in the hotel style, then consider this Yves Delorme Etoile bed linen, again from Dotmaison. This bedding is made from only the very best: 500 thread count Egyptian cotton percale. It's so soft, yet still manages to look crisp and elegant. There's a nice feature of hemstitching along the edge, for an extra lift. Just perfect.

Hotel Bedding

Peter Reed white bed linen from John Lewis. Another example of classic white bed linen, in super soft Egyptian cotton sateen. This bedding is elegantly plain, with a simple touch of stitched cording for a design touch. It's also available for single duvet covers, as well as all the bigger sizes. Peter Reed have been making such quality bed linen since 1861, and hold the Royal Seal of approval by making bedding by appointment to the Queen of England.

Peter Reed hotel style bed linen

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