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Duvet Cover FAQs

Frequently asked questions about duvet covers, bedding and bed linen

Below are some of the most popular and frequently asked questions regarding duvet covers and bed linen. We hope you find them useful and they help you to make the right choice in finding the best duvet cover for you.

Our choice of the best Duvet Covers

Here are some of the most popular and best selling duvet covers at the moment, as well as some of the best deals and special offers from the UK's best and most trusted bed linen retailers. There are plenty more duvet covers to choose from. See our sections on different bed linen colours, duvet cover sizes, bedding material and designer duvet covers.

General Questions

What is a duvet cover?

If you have a duvet (sometimes called a continental quilt) then you should also get a duvet cover. It is essentially a removable cover that fits over the duvet, both protecting it and adding to the appearance in the bedroom. It will keep the duvet clean, plus you can change the cover regularly, yet still use the actual duvet. What materials do duvet covers come in? Generally, most duvet covers are made from cotton, or perhaps a mix of cotton and a man-made fabric, often referred to as poly cotton. Cotton is preferable, since it is soft, absorbent, yet durable.

What is a fitted sheet?

A fitted sheet covers the mattress on a bed. They come in all sizes to fit all beds –single, double, king size and super king size. The most important thing about a fitted sheet is that it has elastic sewn into each side, or at least each corner, which makes it stay in place on the mattress.

Can I buy matching pillow cases?

Nearly all the duvet covers we have included in our site have matching pillow cases and sheets available to be purchased separately. We have also included some duvet sets, which have everything you need all together - duvet cover, pillow cases and sheet.

Why are most of the duvet covers in double size?

Most retailers seem to promote the most popular sizes, and so their photos and product descriptions are nearly always based around the double size. But this doesn't mean that there aren't other sizes available. In fact nearly all the duvet covers we have included in our site can be bought in single, double, king size and super king size.

What are the best designer duvet covers?

Recently there seem to have been quite a few new labels offering "designer bed linen", such as Orla Kiely, Kylie at Home, Calvin Klein and Jasper Conran. Many of these new bedding ranges are very attractive and bring new styles and a designer's touch to bed linen. But don't forget there are also some great designs from traditional bed linen manufacturers too. For example Peter Reed, who have been making bed linen since 1861 and do so these days will a Royal seal of approval! There's also Descamps, the famous French maker who have been manufacturing their wonderful bed linen range since 1888. Obviously the best designer covers will be down to your tastes. But while looking through all the fashionable new names out there, don't forget the traditional makers - they've been making bed linen for over 100 years plus, so should know a thing or 2 about what makes a good duvet cover!


Can bed linen colour affect my sleep or mood?

Some people would say that certain colours can affect moods and even sleeping patterns. Although this isn’t to forget that moods and sleep can be affected by far more complex things. Calmer colours, encouraging better sleep, include paler greens and blues, and more organic colours, such as creams and lighter browns.

What colour duvet cover should I have in a small bedroom?

Strong, bold colours can dominate smaller rooms. It is best to choose something paler, perhaps even white. You can always add a touch of colour with a bed throw or coloured cushion covers or pillow cases.

What colour duvet cover should I have in the spare bedroom?

You never really know who could be staying in your spare bedroom. One week it could be the mother in law, then next a friend of your daughter. So it’s best to find something fairly neutral, perhaps a more natural colour, rather than a very bold colour such as chocolate brown or deep crimson.

What is the most popular duvet cover colour?

White tends to be the most sought after colour for a duvet cover. But there is a trend for different colours. For example duck egg blue or teal is a favourite right now, as are the floral patterns (French country style) which include lots of different colours. See our range of White Duvet Covers and Floral Duvet Covers for more.

What is the best duvet cover colour for a girl?

In a word; pink! Girls love pink. But we’re not talking about a bold, electric bubble gum pink. There are some lovely duvet covers with pink as a colour, but not necessarily a dominant one. See our range of Girls Duvet Covers for more.

What is the best duvet cover colour for a boy?

Boys tend to love blue of course, but there’s a lot more to choose from. For boys, it’s probably more about the overall look of the duvet cover. There are some lovely duvet covers with a nautical, car, dinosaur or space theme. Nothing girly about that! See our range of Boys Duvet Covers for more.

Duvet Cover Material

What is the Cotton thread count?

The thread count in a piece of fabric is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch of the fabric. It’s one way of measuring the overall quality of the fabric. A higher thread count usually (but not always) results in a better quality piece of cotton, feeling softer, more luxurious, and longer lasting too. A thread count of over 100 is generally thought to be of good quality. Fabric with thread count of 200 or over is often referred to as Percale.

Where can I find duvet covers with 400 thread count?

There are plenty of duvet covers and other bed linen with a high thread count. For example see our Egyptian cotton duvet cover section.

What is Percale?

Percale as a term refers to a fabric that has a minimum thread count of 180. Percale is usually very smooth to touch. It should have a silky feel, but not be shiny or glossy. However, just because it says “Percale” doesn’t mean it is 100% cotton. Percale can be made from blends of material, for example cotton and polyester.

Why is Egyptian cotton considered the best for bedding?

Egyptian cotton generally is the softest and most luxurious cotton because Egyptian cotton growers produce extra long staple fibres that are used in the yarn production process. Because the fibres are long, it enables the produces to weave cotton that is soft yet strong.

What is Damask?

Damask refers to the way the fabric has been woven, rather than it being a type of material, although originally Damask was made from silk. Today, Damask means fabric that has raised designs (such as floral patterns) against a flat background. Damask is used in upholstery and even in some cloth wallpaper. In duvet covers and bed linen damask can be used to great effect, and give a real luxurious feel and rich style to your bedroom.

What is the warmest duvet cover material?

A lot of course depends on the kind of duvet you have. But a duvet cover made from 100% natural material, such as cotton, will soon be warm once you get into bed. Many people like the idea of flannel cotton for warmth. Since this material is soft (and a bit fluffy) it seems warm from the first moment you jump into bed.

Which bed linen material is easiest to care for?

100% cotton, especially a high quality cotton, will certainly be durable and long lasting. Cotton is very easy to clean and can be washed in a washing machine, usually at 40°C (although always check the care instructions on the label). Some say that cotton with a very high thread count (400 plus) may mean you have problems getting out stains. The fabric is so densely woven, stains just don't seem to want to get out!

What are the benefits of an organic cotton duvet cover?

Organic cotton in duvet covers has 2 overall benefits:

  • Organic cotton is a softer material, that usually hasn't been exposed to string chemicals (in bleaching or dyeing for example) will be gentler on your skin and body.
  • Growing organic cotton has less impact on the environment and doesn't use damaging pesticides and fertilisers.

Duvet Cover Sizes

How big is a single duvet cover?

All manufacturers may have slightly different measurements, but generally they make single duvet covers that are 135cm x 200cm.

How big is a double duvet cover?

All manufacturers may have slightly different measurements, but generally they make double duvet covers that are 200cm x 200cm.

How big is a king size duvet cover?

All manufacturers may have slightly different measurements, but generally they make king size duvet covers that are 225cm x 220cm.

How big is a super king size duvet cover?

All manufacturers may have slightly different measurements, but generally they make super king size duvet covers that are 260cm x 220cm.

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