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English Country Style Bed Linen

Get the Country Look with these stylish bedding and duvet covers

We like to check out all types of bed linen, watching trends, seeing what's new, and of course, checking where the best deals are to be found. And one thing that struck us is just how popular the "Country Look" is these days. It seems to be everywhere when it comes to looks and design of bed linen - just check out how popular Cath Kidston and Kirstie Allsopp bed linen is.

What is the Country Style?

Country style is a wide ranging term, but if you picture and old English cottage or country house, and then picture what decor, colours, furniture and bedding are traditionally used there, then you are pretty much there. But when it comes to bedding, the country look usually means floral prints, sometimes a mixture of materials, often with a touch of the "home made" about it. Think of patchwork quilts, for example.

And although lovely as it is to make your own quilt, not everyone has the time, or the inclination. Plus everyone needs practical (and stylish) bed linen as well. So below we have listed a few examples of styles, designs, and brands who offer the type of bed line that will allow you to get this popular look in your bedroom.

Floral Prints

The country look often includes floral print bedding. This may be big and bold designs, with bright colours, the kind of thing Grandma may have had. Roses are probably the most traditional flower motif, as made popular again by Cath Kidston. But patterns don't always need to be big. Kirstie Allsopp bed linen, for example, offers duvet covers with a smaller print floral pattern.

Country Look bedding from Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston Rose motif duvet cover - perfect for that contemporary yet county look.

Kirstie Allsopp bed linen

A smaller print motif this time, from the Kirstie Allsopp bedding range - ideal for a country cottage style.

Pip Studio bed linen at Amara

Fresh flowers - a wonderful colour scheme from Pip Studio at Amara

Anyone for Stripes?

But it doesn't all have to be floral. Cath Kidston, for example, has introduced a nice range of bedding with candy stripes. Yet, when combined with a few contrasting patterns - perhaps pillow cases, cushions, or bed throws - then the overall look becomes something very country cottage like indeed.

Striped bedding

Getting the Home Made Look

As mentioned above, a home made patchwork quilt is perhaps the ultimate in country style, but all beds need more bed linen than just that, and we don't all have time to make one anyway. But if you are a fan of the home made look, then look out for bedding that tends to use a mixture of materials and patterns - a cotton duvet cover, perhaps with some ticking here and there, and then an embroidered motif, for example. The duvet cover below from the Kirstie Allsopp range is a good example:

Patchwork Style Quilt

Or this patchwork style duvet cover from Pip Studio at Amara.

Mix and Match is a Must

Well, that's a mouthful, but we hope you know what we mean. Take a look at the photos above on this page, and you will see that very often, the designer has made an attempt to create depth, texture and an eclectic, homely look, by mixing patterns and materials. So for example, the Cath Kidston striped duvet cover is set off by some old fashioned looking floral print cushions. Or the Cath Kidston Rose print duvet cover is complemented by adding pink polka dot pillow cases. Now who would have thought to do that? It's not the first thing that comes to mind, but it is important in creating this look. A country style bed should not be too uniform. It should look homely, as though pieces have been added over a long time, from all different sources and places. So when creating this look for your bedroom, always think: what can I add. We're not going for the minimalist look here: with the country look, more is more!

So, if you are buying bedding for that country look, consider buying contrasting pillow cases too. Then add a cushion or three, perhaps of a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and materials. Also, a great way of adding texture and depth to a bed in a true country style is to use a padded quilt as a bed throw.

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