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Duvet Sets

Below we have included bedding sold as complete duvet sets, that already include matching bed sheets or pillow cases. But nearly all the duvet covers we have included in our web site are available to buy along with a matching bed sheet and pillow cases, to make up a duvet set from the same shop. There is more choice available to find the right duvet cover and matching bed linen this way. See our links on the right for a great choice of duvet cover colours, materials and sizes.

Our choice below includes duvet sets to suit all needs and budgets, and comes of course only from reliable retailers in UK. Our Duvet Cover Price Checker is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices.

Our choice - The best duvet sets

If none of the above duvet sets suit your needs, and you are looking for bedding in a particular colour, try our separate sections on duvet colours - see the links on the right hand side (white, pink, red, green, blue, brown...). Or maybe the kind of material for your bedding is important, in which case see all the duvet covers in a range of materials (Egyptian cotton, organic cotton...). Finally you may have a specific size of duvet cover to buy, in which case see the specific range of duvet cover sizes (single, double, kingsize and super king size...). Nearly all of the duvet covers we have included in our site are available to buy along with matching sheets and pillow cases.

Bed linen questions we are often asked...

Where can I buy bedding and duvet sets?

See our choice of duvet sets above for some of the best on offer this week. Or alternatively, see our quick links on the right to all the top bed linen retailers. We aim only to include bed linen and duvet sets from trustworthy UK retailers, such as John Lewis and Marks and Spencer.

What is a duvet set?

Well it does vary, but normally a duvet set is a group of bedding items that match, including a duvet cover, bed sheet and often pillow cases too.

What is a 6 piece duvet set?

A 6 piece duvet set usually includes the standard duvet cover and bed sheet, but 4, rather than the standard 2, pillow cases. Perfect if you have 4 pillows on your double bed, for example, and want them all matching.

Do I have to buy a duvet set?

Not at all. Duvet sets are convenient, and perfect for an all matching style. But theses days there are trends that allow you to do a lot of mixing and matching in bedding styles. So for example, you may have pillow case colours that contrast with your duvet cover, or perhaps have 2 pillows in one colour, and 2 in another. Many people simply prefer a plain white sheet, rather than one that matches the duvet cover. And that goes for pillow cases too. The combinations are endless, and so long as you enjoy the colour scheme, that's all that matters.

I have seen a lovely duvet cover on your site, but it isn't part of a set...

Well, don't panic. It could well be part of a set. We try to pick out duvet covers on our site, but that doesn't mean to say the retailer doesn't also have matching pillow cases and bed sheets sold separately. Visit the relevant retailer to find out.

About our Duvet Set Selection

We have tried to bring you the very best in duvet set styles and designs, in price ranges to suit all budgets - from affordable polycotton covers to luxury Egyptian cotton and organic cotton. We have also only chosen to include duvet sets from well known and trustworthy UK retailers, so that we can be sure they can be relied on for good quality and service.

Our duvet set selection includes a wide range of colours and shades - from pink, red and purple, to blue and green to white. We have included a wide selection of patterns and styles, such as striped and floral, and also with embroidered motifs or printed patterns. Many of the duvet sets listed above are available in all sizes, such as single double sets, double duvet sets, king size duvet sets and super king size duvet sets. See above for our choice in duvet sets.

But don't forget, these days most duvet covers come with the chance to buy matching pillow cases and fitted sheets separately. So if you can't find the right duvet sets above, see our links on the right to a range of different duvet covers in various colours or materials. We're sure you will find the right duvet cover and duvet set.

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