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Our Pick of the best bed linen from Dot Maison

Dotmaison offer everything for the home - with style! The Dotmaison web site offers something for every room in the house - from bedroom to bathroom, from kitchen to living and dining room. Of course, Dot Maison are stockists for a wide range of duvet covers and bed linen from many of the top designer names, including classic brands such as Conran and Descamp, and also fashion names such as Diesel and Orla Kiely. You can also find one of the hottest names in bedding at the moment: KAS Australia, who offer beautifully colourful, contemporary bedding. Dot Maison also stock other quality designer brands, such as Alexandre Turpault, Anne De Solene, Diletto Casa, Gingerlily, Hobbs, Jardin Secret, Lisa Stickley, Manuel Canovas, Missoni Home, Paul Vogel and Yves Delorme.

Below we have picked out a few of the best on offer from the Dotmaison online store. Occasionally Dot Maison also offer some voucher codes and special discount codes, which we have included further down the page, along with any special offers and sales they are currently running.

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Dotmaison Etoile White Bedding from Yves Delorme

This is classic hotel bedding at its finest. As you can see from the photo, this white bed linen positively shimmers with beauty, such is the quality of the material used. And furthermore, the Etoile is not just restricted to sheets and duvet covers, but includes pillow cases in a range of sizes and shapes, making it perfect for a rich display of cushions and scattered pillows when dressing your bed.

Dotmaison bedding

Dotmaison Cruz Bedding from KAS

Dotmaison cruz bedding could be the perfect addition to adding a touch of Moroccan or North African style to your bedroom. The Moroccan style must always include a wide palette of vibrant colours, which is the speciality of KAS Australia. While most of the time such a style would use warm and strong colours - think reds and oranges - KAS here have cleverly introduced cool colours such as blues into the palette too. And since the duvet cover and bed sheets use a wide variety of purple, red, orange and grey, as well as blue, you will have endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the right bedroom accessories. In fact, there's a great range of bedroom accessories from Dotmaison - we counted 8 cushions or bed throws that will match the Cruz bedding range perfectly.

Dotmaison duvet covers

Dotmaison Sixtine Duvet Covers from Descamp

Get more elegance and space into your bedroom with this Descamp Sixtine bed linen from Dotmaison. Descamps are well know for their luxurious bedding, and their Sixtine range is made from 100% Percale cotton. And we absolutely love it, especially in white. I mean, have you ever wondered why so many people use white bedding? Do you know why the top hotels all have white bed sheets, pillows and duvet covers? The main idea behind the white bedding sets is that it creates the idea of an open space. Since not many people have spacious bedrooms and a hotel room especially might be rather small, the white bed sets will negate any effect of the walls closing in on you. White pillows, duvets and bed sheets work with absolutely every colour, design and theme in the room. While certain colours, like for example red, is known to increase the adrenalin levels and aggressive instincts, white is a neutral colour. Because it does interfere with your overall mood, it provides the perfect opportunity to completely change a stressful and annoying day into a relaxing and calm night. Since you will not have complete relaxation without a delicate and fine bed sheet and pillow, you should give yourself a treat and opt for a designer home wear bedding set.

Descamp bedding from Dotmaison

Dotmaison Manuel Canovas Taj Mahal Blue Bedding

Experience the mysticism of India with this Taj Mahal blue bedding by Manuel Canovas at Dotmaison. Are you looking to spice up the décor of your bedroom and you do not want to be too daring? Then you should consider the this Taj Mahal Blue bedding set for your bedroom. The colour and fabric of this beautifully designed bed set will look perfect against either a minimalist, white and contemporary background, or equally amongst a busy and eclectic, more ethnic style room. If you are considering creating an Indian ethnic theme for the bedroom, then you should pay attention to the colours you are using. An Indian décor must be alive and have vibrant colours, therefore you have the freedom to use any colour you want. Whether it is yellow, orange, warm red, fuchsia, purple, pink or any other colour, make sure that you do not dilute the colour when applying paint to the walls and ceiling. An Indian décor also means you need to add a lot of accessories and decorations in the bedroom. Therefore, when you are purchasing pillows you should look for items that have fine embroideries with little mirrors and beads on them. At the same time, consider purchasing dark exotic wood or wood finishes that look luxurious.

Indian style duvet covers from Dotmaison

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