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Best Bed Linen for Teenage Girls

How to find the right bedding for teenagers

Every parent of a teenage girl knows that choosing anything for them can be a minefield. Buying them anything to do with fashion, tastes and style, and certainly anything their friends may see, is fraught with danger. Maybe you are just starting out looking for bed linen for your teenager, or maybe you have checked every single web site and bedding shop to find the impossible...Either way, we hope we can help with a few pointers and ideas below, or see our choice of the best deals and choice in duvet covers for teenager girls here.

Our Choice: Teenage Girls Bedding

Teenage Bed Linen Styles

You've probably found already that online stores don't cater specifically for teenager's when it comes to bedding. It's easy enough to find a section for kid's bedding, or say, Egyptian cotton bedding. But teenage bed linen styles aren't directly catered for, and they fall into a bit of a grey area, between the luxury grown-up stuff, and the Hannah Montana kid's stuff.


So what style bed linen should you be looking at for a teenage girl? Well, let's start with colour. Luckily most teenage girls aren't afraid of a bit of colour, unlike their male counterparts who wouldn't dream of sleeping under anything that isn't blue or grey. And luckily again, there's a real fashion for super colourful bedding, so there's lots available and lots to choose from.

Depending on their age, a teenage girl could well be wanting to move away from the "anything so long as it's pink" phase. But other than that, it's all a matter of taste and perhaps a little bit of compromise between daughter and parents. Oh, and the current bedroom colour scheme too. So bearing those complications in mind, we have picked out a few colourful bedding ranges to give you an idea of what's trendy right now.

Pink, but not quite...KAS bedding always hits the spot when it comes to colourful and contemporary

Duck Egg bedding

For something completely different, try out one of the very fashionable colours right now - Duck Egg Blue bedding. It may be a bit too subtle for some teenager's taste's, but if they are looking for a calm and simple bedroom style (think Japanese Zen) then this could be for you. See our complete choice of Duck Egg bedding here.

This subtle yet colourful floral bedding range from John Lewis would suit a younger teenager's room perfectly.

Pip Studio bedding for teenagers

Perhaps a colour scheme you would never have thought of, from Pip Studio at Amara.


Judging from the photos above, you can probably tell that floral based designs and patterns are pretty trendy right now. That's not to say that floral is the only style available though. Stripes for example, aren't what they used to be. No longer is striped bedding simply the choice of single men and teenage boys. Not all all in fact. Check out this striped duvet cover below:

KAS Striped duvet covers for teenagers

KAS do it again. We love this striped and super colourful duvet cover from KAS Australia.

Ethnic and Exotic

There's also quite a trend at the moment to have ethnic style bedding - bed linen with lots of colour and perhaps some ethnic patterns and embroidery.

Ethnic design bedding

More beautiful bed linen from KAS, with this white duvet cover, embroidered with rich and colourful patterns.

Indian style bedding

Or perhaps this Indian influenced design from Manuel Canovas at Dotmaison.

If all else fails...

If you simply can't find that perfect duvet cover, no matter how hard you look and try, then consider the classic, plain white bed linen. Boring? Not at all. Not when you consider just how many great cushions and bed throws are around to make it interesting and stylish. As we mentioned above, deciding on bedding for a teenager could well be about a compromise between parents and daughter, and plain white, dressed with plenty of colour, could well be the best, or certainly the easiest compromise. See the Harlequin bed linen at John Lewis below for example, complete with contrasting yellow and blue cushions, and blue bed throw.

Harlequin Bedding

Best Teenage Bedding Brands

As discussed above, there aren't really any particular bed linen brands aimed specifically at teenagers, or indeed any teenage sections in the bed linen shops. But there are plenty of great designer names in bedding and we've picked out a few that we think will appeal to teenage girls and offer something that will suit a teenager's bedroom style. So, here's a quick list: from the designer brands and labels, we suggest you check out Pip Studio, Cath Kidston, Orla Kiely, KAS and Lisa Stickley at Dotmaison. Regarding other brands, also see Linea from House of Fraser, and John Lewis own brand. These have something for everyone, and offer great quality and value for money. Finally, if no style, brand or pattern seems to fit, then always remember the plain bed sets from Marks and Spencer, which come in dozens of colours - a wide enough choice to suit any tastes.

Orla Kiely Bedding

Orla Kiely duvet covers - modern retro, with colour.

Cath Kidston Bedding

Cath Kidston bedding - country retro for the modern world....

Lisa Stickley bed linen

Lisa Stickley bed linen from Dotmaison

Bedding Sizes

Always check the sizes of bedding, especially a duvet cover, before you buy. Generally a single duvet cover sizes will a duvet measuring 135cm x 200cm.  Double duvet covers fit 200cm x 200cm, and Kingsize duvet covers fit 225cm x 220cm. A possible factor in finding suitable bed linen for a teenager is that there will always be more styles and choice available for double sizes. Choice in bedding for singles is often a little narrower.

Which Bed Linen Material?

We have a full run down of all the different types of bed linen material here. But as a quick summary: 100% pure cotton is usually best. Out of all cotton bedding, Egyptian cotton, Percale and Pima are generally considered the most luxurious. We will let you decide whether this makes them a good choice for a teenager's room. You may see the term "poly cotton". This generally means part cotton, part polyester. Always look for the percentage of each, since the term could still be applied to material that is only 10% cotton, for example. Bedding in this material may be easy to wash and iron, but it won't necessarily be the most comfortable to sleep in.

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