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Choosing the right bed linen

Have you just finished decorating a bedroom? Or perhaps you’re tired of your bedroom’s style and it needs a lift? Your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, so deciding on your new duvet covers is an integral part of making your room seem ‘whole’. We have hand picked the very best duvet covers around, so you don't need to spend hours searching through all the bedding web sites - you can find the right duvet cover here, at a glance. Our choice includes covers to suit all needs and budgets, and is selected only from reliable retailers in UK. And our Duvet Cover Price Checker is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices.

Our choice of the best Duvet Covers

Below is our choice of the top duvet covers and best deals available at the moment. But there are plenty more duvet covers to choose from. See our sections on different duvet cover colours, sizes and material.

What to consider when choosing the right bed linen

Who will be using the bedroom?

There are lots of things to consider when choosing the right bedding and bed linen, but first and foremost, you need to consider exactly who will be using the bed linen, and which bedroom it will be for. As I'm sure can be appreciated, bed linen for grown ups will have a set of totally different requirements than a room for kids, or perhaps a guest room. So for example, a bedroom for a couple will mean that you need to consider both individual's tastes, and perhaps even make compromise or two along the way. If the room is for a child, then of course there will be a whole different set of bedding on offer depending on whether it's a girl's room or a boy's room. And if the room will be used for guests, then it's likely that it will need to be quite neutral and flexible in style, able to make a range of visitors feel at home.

Lighting in the Bedroom

You might not think about this at first, but lighting plays a big part in which colour you should choose for the bedroom scheme overall, and even the bed linen. For example, if the room has a lot of natural light, it will offer a bit more scope in what you can choose; in short, light or dark colours will be fine. But, if the room is dark most of the time, you might prefer to avoid dark bedding too. Artificial light can also play a part i how your bedroom looks. For example, there are some bedding materials that give off a shine or shimmer, such as sateen or even some Egyptian cotton. If there are a large number of spotlights shining on the bed, this might create too much of a glare.

Bed Linen Pattern Style and Colour

So bearing in mind the points above, next you can really give some thought to which colour bed linen and duvet cover you want. Much of which colour you choose will of course be down to individual taste, but there are some simple rules: small rooms or dark rooms should avoid dark colours. A dark bed will simply shrink the room further. Some colours, such as lighter blues and greens, will help keep a room feeling light and airy. Reds will give off a confident vibe, while purples can have a similar effect, but when used more sparingly, can also add a more homely feel. Neutral colours are usually good for guest rooms. We have tried to give you more of an idea of what each colour bedding will look and feel like in our individual pages dedicated to bedding in each colour. See our links on the right.

Bed Linen Trends

A little bit like the world of fashion, bed linen tastes these days don't just follow one particular trend. Several almost contradictory styles or trends in bedding are popular these days. For example, the retro, country look, with rich floral patterns from designers such as Cath Kidston, is hugely popular. But then again, so is the sleek, contemporary styling of Orla Kiely designer bedding.  Strong and vibrant colours are everywhere, as can be seen in the wonderfully contemporary KAS bed linen. But again, this is balanced by a popularity of simple, plain colours (many whites and off whites) like the Conran bedding for example .

Which Material for Bed Linen?

There may seem a huge amount of choice when it comes to different materials for bed linen. See our complete run down for duvet cover materials here. But to keep things simple, remember that natural fibres are nearly always best. Cotton is by far the most popular, and Egyptian cotton is considered the most luxurious.  Cotton is softer, more absorbent, and more durable. However, poly-cotton bedding can often be cheaper.

Cushions, Pillows, Bed Throws...

And don't forget, just because you have a simple (even plain) duvet cover, doesn't mean it has to look boring! There are so many wonderful ways to dress a bed, using cushions, pillows of different sizes, textured cushion covers, individually patterned pillow cases, rugs, quilts or bed throws.

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