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Cath Kidston Duvet Covers

Designer Duvet Covers by Style Icon Cath Kidston

How can something be homely, yet sophisticated? How can something be retro but also contemporary? Well, see the beautiful range of Cath Kidston duvet covers below and you will soon see. Cath Kidston has built up a huge reputation for stylish designs in a range of items from clothing to interiors. That's why we had to include these beautiful Cath Kidston duvet covers - because everybody loves them!

Cath Kidston designs offer a fresh contemporary look mixed with a touch of the traditional. The Cath Kidston duvet covers and bedding range includes duvet covers in typical Cath Kidston floral designs, candy stripes or polka dots, and in styles for everyone's tastes, including duvet covers for kids. We've found the best Cath Kidston duvet covers and bed linen available from the most trusted UK bedding retailers, and our Duvet Cover Price Checker is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices.

Our choice - The best duvet covers by Cath Kidston

The Cath Kidston bedding range includes duvet covers that offer such a homely feel, yet still feel modern. You could be forgiven for thinking that a floral style duvet cover, for example, could well end up looking like your gran's bedroom. Not at all! Cath Kidston knows how to do floral prints with a modern touch. And not only that, the Cath Kidston designs are some of the most strking and memorable around, and have become instantly recognisable. If this is the first time you've seen any of these designs, especially the flower patterns, then just wait and see. Pretty soon you'll be spotting these catchy design all around you, and will find yourself pointing them out and saying "Oh, a Cath Kidston!".

But the Cath Kidston duvet cover range has plenty more to offer than just floral designs. Check out the amazing candy stripes or polka dots duvet covers for example. All of these lovely duvet covers are well made, from quality materials, and their distinctive but refined designs will bring a touch of that "modern country" look to any bedroom.

Cath Kidston duvet covers are mostly made using 100% cotton or cotton percale, with a high thread count. Matching pillow cases and fitted sheets can be bought separately. Cath Kidston duvet covers come in single, double, king size and super king size, and are available in designs for kids too.

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