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Boys Character Duvet Covers

Boys just love characters like Bob the Builder or Thomas the Tank Engine. There's something about these TV and cartoon characters that really captures their imagination, and pretty soon they want everything to have a Bob or Thomas character printed on it. That's why we put together this page, so we could include all the bedding and duvet covers with popular kids characters, and our Duvet Cover Price Checker is updated constantly to make sure you can find the best deals and bargains.

Popular TV Character Duvet Covers for Boys

We hope you can find something from our choice above. We have tried to include as wide a range of popular boys' TV characters as possible including Bob the Builder, Spongebob Squarepants, The Simpsons, Dr Who, Scooby Doo, Disney Pixar Cars, Power rangers and In the Night Garden, plus many more. But if you are looking for something without a big character brand splashed across the front. In which case see our boys duvet covers page for all other boys bedding - there are some great styles, which include cars, knights, dinosaurs, spaceships, cowboys...all the things that boys love.

Or maybe you are you buying bed linen for a boy who loves a certain football team. Then you should see our great range of football duvet covers here, with bedding from all the big teams including England, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea.

More Boys duvet covers

There's a great choice of kids bedding around, for boys and for girls. We know how important it is to a child if they have set their heart in getting a bed with their favourite character on it. That's why we've looked everywhere, through all the bedding and duvet cover retailers in UK, to bring you the fullest range of boys character duvet covers possible. We've tried to include all the popular and sought after TV and cartoon characters, including Dr Who, Scooby Doo, Disney Pixar Cars, Power Rangers, Bob the Builder, Spongebob, The Simpsons  and In the Night Garden.

Featured Boys Character Duvet Cover - Thomas the tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine is a huge favourite with children, especially little boys who love anything and everything to do with trains. So why not treat them to a Thomas the Tank Engine duvet cover. We think we have found a great one (shown below) available from Debenhams, with a big, smiling Thomas design on the duvet cover and the pillow case, and all the colours - blue and red - of Thomas himself.

Thomas the Tank Engine Duvet Cover

About our Boys Character Duvet Cover Selection

We have tried to bring you the very best in boys character duvet covers, with all the popular favourite kids characters available.  Many of the duvet covers listed above are for single size duvets, as this is the most common size for children's bedding. There are some duvet covers that are available in bigger sizes, such as double and even king size, although these are quite unusual and harder to find. If you are specifically after a double size duvet cover, then see our choice of kids double duvet covers here.

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