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Blue Duvet Covers

Find the best in Blue Duvet Covers and Bedding

There's so much blue in interior design these days. Contemporary designers use a wonderfully wide variety of shades of elegant blues, such as duck egg blue, cornflower and azure. And of course this includes bedding and interior design for the bedroom. Blue is a cool and calming colour to have in your bedroom, but it doesn't mean your bedroom has to be plain or masculine. Blue duvet covers come in a range of imaginative tones of blue, plus a variety of elegant styles and designs. See our choice of blue duvet covers below.

We constantly search through all the top bedding retailers in UK to bring you the best deals. But not only that! It would be easy for us just to include only the cheap bed linen you can buy for a fiver. But if you are like us, you don't want cheap, you want the best available for what you can afford. Plus when you decide to buy, you want to know you are paying best price available. This is the philosophy behind our web site. So we have hand picked what we think are the very best in blue duvet covers for you below, offering the best style, quality and value.

Our choice: Blue Duvet Covers

Why Blue Bedding is so popular

Blue is the colour of endless sky, sea and open space and is associated with tranquillity and calm. People sometimes dismiss blue as being a bit cold, but blue can be much more than that. See the wonderful shades of interesting blues, such as azure, royal blue, navy blue and cornflower for example. Or if you are into something a little paler, then see our wide range of the popular duck egg blue duvet covers here.

Who said blue is for boys? Of course, there are many shades of blue that are considered masculine colours - navy and royal blue for example. Of course there are plenty of blue duvet covers aimed at men, with design usually including stripes, checks or other geometrical patterns. But blue is also a wonderfully versatile colour, and bed linen designers have worked wonders with new shades of blue, with floral designs and patterns to appeal to women as much as men. There's also a little bit of the seaside in some of the blue duvet cover designs. But also oriental styling and design has become quite popular, whether it be a pale turquoise blue or a stronger azure "Indian" style blue. And just to demonstrate the versatility of blue, there are quite a few duvet covers with blue floral designs available these days too. Why would we be surprised? After all, cornflowers are one of the most striking blue colours found in nature. So blue may be for boys, but it is definitely more than that...

Above is our selection of the top best blue duvet covers available to buy online in UK, We hope this gives you a good idea of the kind of styles and designs of blue bedding and duvet covers that are popular these days. If none of the above blue duvet covers suit your needs, then we are sure you will find something in our other sections, such as striped or floral duvet covers, or quality Egyptian cotton duvet covers here. See our links on the right for more.

Featured Duvet Cover - Amy Blue Floral Pattern Duvet Cover

Just to prove that blue needn't always be masculine, see the lovely floral blue design duvet cover from John Lewis below. This duvet cover has a beautiful, pure white background, brought to life with this elegant, embroidered blue flowers design. It would look good is a variety of different rooms, from a young girl to grown up couple's room. Perhaps best of all this duvet cover is suitably versatile in style it would really suit a guest bedroom. The blue embroidered flowers are so vibrant and full of life, and would certainly light up any bedroom. We would definitely suggest you consider this duvet cover if you need bedding for a smaller or darker room in particular. This duvet cover is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which makes for very easy care, can be be tumble dried, and is especially easy to iron. This lovely duvet cover is available in all sizes, and matching pillow cases can be bought separately.

Blue Duvet Covers

Featured Duvet Cover - Jeans Blue Duvet Cover

We though we should include something a bit more masculine, or at least something in different blue. This is our Blue Duvet Covers page after all. The Jeans Blue bed linen range available at John Lewis is perfect for a young man or teenager's bedroom. We're sure the colour will appeal to men, but just because it's a manly blue doesn't mean it isn't soft and comfortable.  It has a strong look, just like a pair of jeans, with deep blue denim complete with stitched seams. It is made from 200 thread count 100% cotton, and has matching pillow cases available to buy separately. This blue duvet cover is available in all sizes - single, double, king size and super king size, from John Lewis.

Jeans Blue Duvet Cover

About our Blue Duvet Cover Selection

We have tried to bring you the very best choice in duvet cover types, styles and designs, hopefully in price ranges to suit all pockets. The choice includes the more affordable poly cotton covers (made from cotton and polyester) to luxury Egyptian cotton bed linen, which is some of the very best around. We have also only chosen to include duvet covers from well known and trustworthy UK retailers, so that we can be sure they can be relied on for good quality and service.

Our blue duvet cover selection includes a wide range of shades and tones of blue, such as navy, cornflower, sky blue, powder blue, duck egg blue, royal blue and denim. We have also included a wide selection of patterns and styles, such as striped, checked, and floral, from embroidered motifs to printed patterns, from soft percale material to textured damask effect. Some of our selections are also from famous designers, such as Calvin Klein, Jasper Conran, Orla Kiely, Kylie at Home, and Autograph, plus some of the classic bed linen names, such as Descamps and Peter Reed.

Many of the duvet covers listed above are double duvet sizes, but nearly all are available for larger sizes such as king size, and some are available in single duvet cover sizes.

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