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Benefits of Pure Cotton Bedding

Why Choose 100% Cotton Bedding

Cotton bedding is one of those products that is so easy to understand, yet is so rarely appreciated for its many benefits, both for health and otherwise. After all, a bed is where we spend one-third of our lives and we may as well be safe and comfortable while there.

100% Cotton or Not?

First of all, make sure you are not fooled by the labels on bedding. The phrase "cotton rich" means exactly nothing - actually, the meaning is that the total amount of cotton in the fabric is so small that putting a number to it would probably sound ridiculous. Buy bedding product that has a label that states the exact percentage of cotton. Usually bed linen made from a blend of cotton and another material is called poly cotton bedding. However, for us, the best is, of course, 100% cotton, though you can still settle for blend fabrics with a substantial amount of cotton. But pure or 100% cotton bedding has become hugely popular these days, and there are many wonderful examples of beautiful 100% cotton duvet covers, such as in our choice of Egyptian cotton duvet covers here. So why would you choose anything less than the very best?

About Cotton

Cotton was the chief export of the southern United States during most of the 19th and 20th centuries - the distribution of cotton as a basic fabric all across the globe might be rightly attributed to that region's productiveness. One shortfall, though, for cotton of the American South was the shortness of its fibres. Egyptian cotton has fibres that are naturally longer and stronger. Because of the small diameter of the threads made from Egyptian cotton, the fabric feels much softer and more comfortable than fabric made from other types of cotton. Textiles made from Egyptian cotton are also more durable and last longer; bedding of 100% Egyptian cotton not only feels quite luxurious, but also lasts forever.

That feeling of softness may not be apparent at first when you bring your Egyptian cotton sheets home - in fact, the sheets may feel slightly stiff. However, this is a normal condition. After a few weeks use and several washings, sheets of Egyptian cotton will have become much softer to the touch. Cotton has less of a tendency to stain and washes clean quite easily - simply washing in soap and hot water releases any dirt trapped in the cotton. Also, there's an added benefit - there's little to no lint with Egyptian cotton!

Cotton makes for Healthier Bedding

There are also health benefits to 100% cotton bedding. Cotton naturally absorbs the body's moisture much better than sheets made with polyester or other artificial materials. Cotton is hypoallergenic, meaning your body will not react adversely to cotton as it might to other non-natural materials. If you have a sensitivity to chemical products, then cotton is a solution for you.

Cotton and the Environment

There are environmental benefits to 100% cotton bedding. The preferred ways for growing cotton do not involve agricultural methods that harm the ecology of the Earth. When cotton is properly cultivated, lesser amounts of harmful chemical compounds are released into the ground, into the water and into the air. Because 100% cotton is 100% organic, when you throw away the bedding after years of use, what you are really doing is recycling natural materials.

100% cotton bedding is comfortable, soft, chemical-free, self-absorbent, gentle to you and gentle to the environment. That's a whole lot more than you would expect from something as simple as cotton.

Our choice - The best Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

Here at Duvet Covers we have searched through all the major bedding retailers to bring you the very best in duvet covers and duvet sets, including pillow cases and bed sheets. See our links on the right for particular duvet cover colours, patterns or sizes, as well as a special section for kid's duvet covers. Since we hand pick only the best, you can be sure that many items in our duvet cover selection are made from 100% cotton.

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