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Choosing Bed Linen for Men

Many of the trends in duvet covers and bed linen today centre around floral designs and bright colourful patterns. So if you have been looking for bed linen for a man's bedroom, you might have found it quite tricky to find anything that suits your needs. But there are some great duvet coves for men, if you can root them out. But what exactly should you be looking for?

Below we have included a few duvet covers that we think would work well in a man's bedroom. Our selection is hand picked only from some of the most trusted bed linen retailers in UK, and all are available to buy online (when in stock). Further down the page we have listed some hints and tips pn what to look for when buying bed linen for men. We hope it helps you make the right choice.

Best Duvet Covers for Men


Blue is the obvious choice, and why not? It's a good, string colour, not too bright, and not at all girly. There are plenty of nice duvet covers in greys and greens that will also work well in a man's bedroom. But there's no need to go for bed linen that is one, plain block of colour. There are plenty of patterned duvet covers (striped for example) that include various colours, many of which you wouldn't normally associate with men's bed linen, but will perfectly suit a man's bedroom. But of course, if you are not sure, then a duvet cover in all plain white won't go far wrong.

Grey bed linen for men by Jasper Conran

Grey and white bed linen by Jasper Conran at Debenhams

Design and Pattern

Floral patterns are best avoided, even if they are currently everywhere. Stripes will work well, or any geometric pattern. Football teams and TV or film characters are best avoided for most men beyond their teens.

Green and white stripes by Conran at John Lewis


What material should you look for in men's bedding? In a word, quality. Quality speaks volumes. There's no need to go looking for sateen this or percale that. Just look for one thing: 100% pure cotton. And if you want to go one better, then 100% Egyptian cotton with a high thread count (200 plus) will offer the best quality material for any type of bedding.

What to Avoid

Certainly floral patterns and bright colours, especially anything in pink, won't go down too well if you are buying bed linen for a man. That's fairly obvious. But you should also avoid any frills and fancy textures too. Many duvet covers for example, come with various swirls or ornate weaves in the material. Just a good, plain, smooth 100% cotton duvet cover will be the ideal choice for a man's bedroom.

More things to Consider when Choosing Bedding for Men...

So you think youíre completely clueless about what women want in the bedroom? Quite literally, we mean. The answer is cleanliness and good taste. You wonít be able to romance your date if your bedroom is a tip and the sheets are old, mismatched and crumpled (and probably picked out by your Mum when you left home). Although you might not care what your bedroom looks like, the lady in your life most likely does. Although you might think of your bed as a love nest, ladies tend to see it as a place to sleep, relax and unwind. Make a good impression on her by tidying up the boudoir and getting yourself some new bed sheets.

You may not want to get anything too flowery or girly. But make sure whatever you do choose matches with what youíve already got in the bedroom. Colour scheme is very important. If youíve got bright orange walls, a pink and green bed spread isnít going to look great. The key to a single manís bedroom is simplicity. If you have neutral walls, pick out a simple pattern, either checked or striped. Checked bed linen gives a rugged, outdoorsy feel to a room, whereas stripes make the bedroom look nautical. If your walls are already quite bright or busy, go for a plain, all-over colour on the bed to tone things down.

If youíre starting from scratch and have no idea about colour schemes, just have a browse through some lifestyle magazines to see whatís in trend. Light blue and chocolate are a good match, as are black and white, or black and red (but not too much of the latter Ė you donít want it to look like Peter Stringfellowís house). Neutral creams and browns are very popular, as itís easy to add a few accessories and update the style every few years. Rich colours, such as oranges and purples, will create a warm atmosphere. Light greens and blues will keep a room airy and cool.

Stripe Bed Linen for Men

Remember that your bed is the centrepiece of the room: thatís why itís called the BEDroom, so choosing how it looks is integral to the room as a whole. Something else to consider (which a lot of guys forget about) is your own personality. You can express yourself through your soft furnishings. Are you outdoorsy? Are you arty? Are you sporty? Whichever it is, you can reflect it in the way you live (but Ė please Ė no Manchester United bed sheets).

The last thing to think about is the material. Cheap and nasty wonít impress, so if you can afford it, try and get some luxury cotton, 100%, or even Egyptian cotton with a high thread count, or organic cotton for that earthy feel.

This all may seem completely pointless to men, and a waste of time and money, but rest assured that women will be coming into your bedroom with a judgmental eye. As a sex, they are influenced by detail, so make sure you pick up those subconscious brownie points. And one final piece of advice: donít forget to actually make your bed before she arrives.

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