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Choosing Bed Linen for Girls

When it comes to choosing the right bed linen for your little girl, the possibilities are endless. There is certainly a lot to choose from, and quite possibly a lot more designs for girls than boys, which means you can go crazy designing your daughter’s bedroom. Bedding can be categorised by colour, fabric, pattern, style and price, so you’ll definitely be able to find something suitable, whether it’s for an infant or a girl on the brink of her teen years. Below are a few great examples of duvet covers for girls, and further down the page is a quick run down of things to think about when choosing bed linen for a girl's bedroom.

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Bed Linen for Baby Girls and Toddlers

For baby girls and toddlers, you can have more of a free reign on choice, since they are too little to have much of a say. If your little one is still in a cot, there are quite a few styles of fitted sheet sets available, which usually come in bedding sets. These tend to include a quilt, a skirt sheet (which hangs below the mattress), or some kind of comfort blanket. Some sets even have matching bags for toys, cushions, or mobiles. At this point in your little girl’s life, you can choose the pattern or style. For infants, the colours are often pink, white, or pastel, with a delicate pattern. Some have cartoon designs, such as unicorns or jungle animals. These sets (or individual items) are available in most department stores, ranging from affordable to top-end prices.

Bed Linen for Older Girls

As your little girl grows, it’s a good idea to let her have a say in what her bedroom looks like. As she moves from a cot to a bed, give her the option of colour and style. A lot of children tend to opt for character sets, whichever is the most popular cartoon favourite at the time. This is all very well, but do bear in mind that trends change very quickly, and that within a few months, your little girl might have a new ‘favourite’. It’s a good idea to keep the walls of the bedroom neutral and simple, so you don’t have to redecorate with each new fad. All you have to do is replace some bedding.

A lot of girls’ linen comes as a set, which means in the bag you’ll get a fitted sheet for a single bed, a duvet cover, pillowcases, and sometimes even matching curtains. Again, these tend to come in a variety of shades and characters, and most can be bought individually. As your little girl gets a bit older, she’ll probably grow out of all things pink and girly as quickly as she grows out of her child-size bed. Once she’s in a full size bed, the options are endless. She doesn’t have to be limited to girls’ designs, but can choose from adult patterns. There are still character designs for older girls, but often they are of boy bands, which can be faddish. Take your daughter with you at this stage, so she can express herself. If she’s quite mature and artistic, she might like block colours with a few highlights. Or she might go for a striped, nautical theme. Show her some catalogues and magazines for ideas and allow her some self expression as she grows into a young woman. If you are buying bed linen for a teenager, see our tips on teenage girls bedding here.

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