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Choosing Bed Linen for Boys

Buying bed linen for your little boy can be a lovely experience. Before he has a say in the matter, go crazy with whichever design you want! Bed linen comes in all different qualities, from regular cotton, to luxury Egyptian cotton. Little boy's bedding can be categorised by colour, fabric, pattern, style and price, and youíll definitely be able to find something suitable, whether itís for an infant or a boy on the brink of his troublesome teen years. Below we have hand picked a few great examples of duvet covers for boys. For the fuller selection, see our pages here for boys character duvet covers, or general boys duvet covers here.

Our choice - The best duvet covers for Boys

Bed Line for Baby Boys and Toddlers

If youíre looking for a baby boy, you can go crazy with your design. Most baby boyís sheets tend to be light blue. But what about green or yellow? Bed linen for very small babies is often in pastel shades too. Or if youíre looking for something that will capture his imagination, how about a zoo print, or space rockets? Bed linen comes in all different sizes. While youíre baby boy is still sleeping in his cot, youíll need to get suitable sheets. These often come as a set, which includes a quilt, a skirt sheet (which hangs below the mattress), or some kind of comfort blanket. Some sets even have matching bags for toys, cushions, or mobiles, or even curtains. The price ranges on these sets, so youíre sure to find something for your budget. Alternatively, you can buy separates, which might end up being cheaper.

Bed Linen for Older Boys

As your little boy grows up and into his own bigger bed, youíll have to get different sheets again. Itís a good idea as they get older to ask them exactly what they want, or to at least give them a choice. There are plenty of character print sheets available, but be careful that their favourite cartoon is not just a fad, otherwise youíll have to change the linen again within six months. Going for a classic design over a character will last much longer. The best thing to do is give them a choice of three or four that youíve chosen. Talking to them about it gives them a chance to express themselves, and feel important in making the decision. Itís also a good idea to decorate their room in a neutral way. That way, you can simply change to soft furnishing as fashions and trends change.

Most bed linen for boys comes in sets, which include pillowcases, fitted sheets, quilt covers, and sometimes lamps or curtains to match. As your little boy grows into a young man, itíll be time to change the sheets again. Block colours tend to be good for boys who are about to reach their teens, and you donít have to stick to blue anymore. Try greys and greens, or even dark reds and purples. Just make sure you consult him on the final decision, because heíll probably keep the design for most of his teens.

Try giving him a few home style magazines to look at before he chooses a colour scheme. And donít forget, itís easy to bring a plain colour to life by adding a few contrasting pillows.

If you are buying bed linen for a teenage boy, see our tips and choice of teenage boys bedding here.

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