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Bed Linen Care

How best to wash, dry and care for your bed linen so that it lasts and looks its best

Below are some tips on looking after your duvet covers, bed sheets, pillow cases and bed linen generally, so that it always looks its very best and lasts well.

All duvet covers and bed linen may differ. The manufacturer knows best, so please always read the wash and care label. You may even prefer to do this before you buy your duvet cover, since special care (dry clean only for example) may be a pain. Most cotton duvet covers and bed linen can be machine washed, at about 40C (although always check the care instructions on the label). Washing at lower temperatures will help the bedding to retain it's colour. Once washed, try not to over-dry the linen. This will leave it with deep, hard to remove wrinkles and could spend hours trying to iron them out. Also, fold them right away, again to stop wrinkling. If you're not sue how to fold a fitted sheet, see the video clip below:

Duvet covers tend to last well and aren't put throught the wear and tear of say a fitted sheet. In which  case it may be a good idea to buy a spare sheet, or at least reassure yourself that in the future it will be possible to buy a suitable replacement sheet. Changing your bed linen regularly can help to make it last longer. Most of us just change the bedding to keep it smelling fresh, but it will also help to keep your bedding looking its best and lasting longer if you change it regularly. So make sure you have a few different sets of bedding available, so that you can rotate them regularly. If you, like us, spend hours putting your duvet back inside a duvet cover, then see this helpful video clip below:

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