The Frozen Debt

  • Title: The Frozen Debt
  • Author: Anna Schlegel
  • ISBN: 9780998185309
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Frozen Debt One morning he stayed bare ass there was no money no name no wife and nothing left just his shoulder loops
    One morning he stayed bare ass, there was no money, no name, no wife, and nothing left just his shoulder loops.

    • Unlimited [Horror Book] ☆ The Frozen Debt - by Anna Schlegel ✓
      375 Anna Schlegel
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    About Anna Schlegel

    1. The Sleeper Series is a modern, fast paced spin on British Intelligence operations that offers an entirely different perspective on why intelligence people become defectors MSNBC spy novel, promising to unravel the tangled web of a strange couple caught in the middle of an espionage game of British intelligence The Huffington Post a thriller that begins with a couple s discussion about intelligence processes and evolves to a cat and mouse game played out across the streets of Europe Midwest Book ReviewWhy do I know so much of the Intelligence It must have come from between the bed sheets, and not just this much Victor returned to Moscow after a few years of work as a financial expert He was of a moneyman than a special service agent, even he was a swindler He became a raider like so many others, during those years He used to have both good luck and failure in bank seizures, in which he lost money I imperceptibly turned to be just the same like him These books are written from an adventurer s perspective There are no good guys, since those good guys have no chance of attracting a female Women want bastards.Why read my books I ve got the undeniable strength of being a Russian author, which means that I m writing about the Russian Intelligence without using much fiction Of course, these are just mere fiction novels, a kind of multi twist mind game yet I m describing events the way they could have touched me in reality So these books actually represent my might have been by seizing the fact that I could have lived a number of alternative lives Understandably, one life is enough for me my behind would hardly stand adventures I m writing about things that I find interesting I ve only read a few books of spy fiction for the most part, they are deadly boring I was born in Moscow I studied at the Moscow State University at the Philosophical facility I got a PhD in philosophy and stayed without work and without money The financial crisis began Some years I looked for a work, but took it easy I became a securities trader in an investment company by chance And then came the default in 1998 I was without work again.This was my best time I became the financial middleman for off market private transactions I had nothing I had been looking for too big deals But then there was a time when it was quite possible for me to be the middleman in the sale of a Libyan oil tanker or for the sale of an aircraft abroad I got sick of conducting multi million dollar transactions and lost all sense of reality.I met Victor Capturing the bank was in my sights The insider of the bank was its vice president I write about his capture almost verbatim Before leaving, he gave me his three passports So I do not know his real name There were no closed doors for him He had friends from the federal agency for government communication and information from the board of directors of Deutsche Bank All kinds of people.Years passed Victor is long gone And there are fewer middlemen.I feel myself to be on the way out My whole generation is on the way out as well those who are described as robbing the country.I like those who robbed the country, and I m pleased about how it was done They were really talented financiers nothing worse than the financiers on Wall Street They left the country and took the money with them.Since then, Moscow s air did not smell of millions any longer But, it seemed to me, it was still in the depths of my house between a pile of white shirts Now there are no financial middlemen The young have gotten jobs first They receive a salary at the end of the month, and seem to have already forgotten the smell of crazy millions It s like being drunk There s a dizziness from it They did not want to breathe this air They did not want to poison their lives They earned their money They had wives, children, dogs, and cars,


    1. Don't let the rough translation fool you, this book is loaded with action and the inner workings of an intelligence agency. The author blurs the line between fiction and fiction inspired by true events. Very realistic.


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