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Only the very best...

Our aim is simple: to help you find the very best in duvet covers and bed linen. We want to bring you all the top choices of a wide range of styles, colours and materials, so that you can make an informed choice when it comes to buying your next duvet cover and bedding. Plus we hope to make buying bed linen more enjoyable, by showing you all the current trends and popular styles, and some of the most beuatiful and stylish ranges available today.

We search through 1000s of different web sites so you don't have to. We then hand pick the very best bed linen to bring to you through our different category pages. Hopefully this means you will find some inspiration and ideas when purchasing your next bed linen. We want you to find the right colour, style, label and material for you. But also, we want you to find the right bedding at the right price. That's why we choose our selection from a huge range of different online stores in UK, and also why we aim to keep the prices on our site regularly updated.

Our hand-picked choice

There are hundreds of duvet covers to choose from in our web site. See our carefully selected choices in the sections on the right, where you can find a range of bed linen by size, colour or material. Or, if you aren't sure exactly what you want, and are looking for inspiration, then see some of the links below to this week's most popular bedding styles.

Cath Kidston Bed Linen Duck Egg Blue Bed Linen Lisa Stickley Bed Linen
Cath Kidston bed linen - from the iconic British design label Duck egg blue bedding - still one of the most popular bed linen colours Lisa Stickley duvet covers - some of the most sought after around
Union Jack Bed Linen Pip Studio Bed Linen Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen
Union Jack bed linen - perfect for teenagers PiP Studio bed linen - for that fresh Scandinavian style Egyptian cotton bed linen - luxury never goes out of fashion

Our duvet cover prices are constantly updated, so that you can see which retailer is offering the best deals without having to visit endless different web sites. Plus our comprehensive selection means you can compare all the best duvet covers at a glance. And remember: we are constantly checking through all the bedding retailers to bring you the best deals and the best styles. We look for quality and style, as well as value for money and special offers. We then hand pick the best bed linen on offer in order to include on our pages here, so you can be sure you are seeing the best quality and choice available.

How to choose the right bed linen


We understand how important it is that your duvet cover looks good and fits well into the colour scheme of your bedroom. That's why we have included separate sections on all the popular colours, from the ever popular blank cnavas of white, to the bold and romantic reds. Hugely popular right now are two quite contrasting styles: the English Country style floral duvet covers, complete with colourful and busy patterns; and the more serene duck egg blue duvet covers, which offer a more modern, contemporary look.


By far the most common material for duvet covers (and all bed linen) is cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre, and is very soft and gentle on the skin. It's comfortable in all seasons, and is highly moisture absorbent and durable. With this in mind, many of the duvet covers in our selection are made from 100% cotton. We have also included special sections on Egyptian cotton duvet covers - probably the most luxurious and best quality duvet covers around - as well as sections on organic cotton and flannel duvet covers, which are especially warm in winter.

There are also some polycotton duvet covers available, made from a mix of cotton and a man made fibre, such as polyester. These are cheaper than the 100% cotton covers, and so offer good value for money. However, we find that material from 100% natural fibres is always the best for bedding. Cotton duvet covers are the most comfortable and easiest to keep clean and don't hold onto body odours and oils like some polyester blend materials do.


Duvet covers come in a range of sizes including single, double, king size and super king size. It sounds obvious, but remember that the duvet cover you buy must fit your duvet - don't choose your duvet cover from what bed size you have, as it may not be the same. You can usually find the size and specific measurements on the label of your duvet. As a general guide, duvet covers are made to fit Single duvets, measuring 135cm x 200cm; Double duvet covers fit 200cm x 200cm; and King size duvet covers, fit 225cm x 220cm. Super king size duvet covers fit a duvet 260cm x 220cm. But always check on the label of your duvet before you buy.

We have included pages with selections specifically for single, double and king size duvets. But if you are looking for a particular colour or style duvet cover, then also see our links on the top right for a more specific range of products. Many of the duvet covers actually shown on these pages are double size, but they are available in a range of other sizes.

Just for Kids

We have also include plenty of choice in kids duvet covers. We know girls and boys often want very different things for their rooms, so we have split up the children's bedding into girls duvet covers and boys duvet covers. These sections include the very best in bedding style for kids. If you want to avoid the garish, bold and brash designs often aimed at kids, then these are the duvet covers for you. There are truly wonderful duvet covers for boys and girls rooms, with a big variety of styles - from the contemporary cool and funky, to the more homely and traditional (such as patchwork style) - that we think will please the kids, but also the adults!

Kids Character Bedding

Of course we couldn't include kids bedding without having duvet covers wit all the favourite TV character bedding sets, such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Spongebob, Dora the Explorer, High School Musical, and Hannah Montana, plus many more. We have split these up into character duvet covers for girls, and also character duvet covers for boys.

Pillow, Cushions, Bed Throws and more...

These days a bed is more than just a mattress and a duvet to sleep under. Interior designers understand that the bed is a central part of a very important room in the house. It's probably the biggest piece of furniture you have in your bedroom after all. So a bed is a great opportunity to add some style and attractive colour to your room. Choosing the right colour and material duvet cover is of course a great start, and the most important part. But on top of that there's a whole range of options to help you create a great look for your bed, from coloured and patterned pillow cases, to funky cushions and elegant bed throws. The bedding specialists that we have included in this site all sell some great bed accessories, such as matching bed sheets and pillow cases. We are sure you will find some great bed linen and extras to help you create the perfect bed. For more ideas on using pillows, cushions and bed throws, see our page on dressing a bed here.

We hope you enjoy looking through our duvet covers selection, and that it helps you find the right duvet cover for your bedroom.

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